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Luxy Hair Launches Their First-Ever Line of Gray Hair Extensions

Luxy Hair has long been one of our favorite hair extension brands, namely for their innovation and progressiveness. And, they’ve done it again. The company just launched their first-ever line of gray hair extensions. With more and more women choosing to go gray, these extensions came at the perfect time.

Designed to empower women to embrace their grays, the launch coincides with International Women’s Day (aka today, March 8)—and that isn’t a coincidence. “We are doing so in tandem with International Women’s Day in support of this year’s theme, #BreaktheBias. As women age, they are made to feel like a depreciating asset. We are here to celebrate discovery at any age and champion going gray as a badge of honor,” shares Luxy Hair president Amy Sveda.

Model wearing Luxy Hair gray hair extensions
(Photo courtesy of Luxy Hair)

Luxy Hair has also partnered with Catalyst, a global non-profit founded in 1962 that works with over 800 companies around the world to accelerate women into leadership, for an additional International Women’s Day initiative. The company will be donating 10% of all sales sitewide to the non-profit.

Below, Mane Addicts spoke with Amy to learn more about the line of gray hair extensions and their partnership with Catalyst for International Women’s Day. Keep scrolling to read our exclusive interview!

Model wearing Luxy Hair gray hair extensions
(Photo courtesy of Luxy Hair)

Mane Addicts: How did the idea of gray hair extensions come to be?

Amy Sveda: Our product launch innovation is fundamentally driven by our desire to better serve our customers. Not only did we see a need in the market for gray hair extensions, but we also heard from our customers—particularly those that made a conscious decision to forgo dyeing their hair through the pandemic—that they were looking to us to provide a solution for them.

MA: What was the process like creating them? How did it differ from creating other hair extensions?

AS: Honestly, the process was not entirely dissimilar to our research and development for all hair colors and products. We conduct extensive research to understand the most common shades, solicit feedback from our internal/external community, and ensure our sourcing partners are executing to the right balance of color, level of warmth or coolness in tone, and desired style variations. With our gray shades, they are “salt and pepper” in nature, so ensuring accurate percentages of each color contribution is key.

MA: How can one decide if the dark gray or light gray shades are better for their silver strands?

AS: Customers are able to leverage either our AI Virtual Color Match Tool that allows them to take a photo in real-time or upload an existing image. The tool will provide them with their ideal match instantaneously, or they may reach out to our best-in-class customer experience team who is happy to assist them.

Model wearing Luxy Hair gray hair extensions
(Photo courtesy of Luxy Hair)

MA: Do you have any plans to expand the gray shade range?

AS: This is our first foray into shades of gray and I anticipate we will learn a great deal in the first few weeks of the launch. We know that our two shades, while the most common, will not suit everyone. We will certainly be reacting to our learnings to ensure we are catering to the needs of our expanding community.

MA: What do you hope the industry takes away from your launch of gray hair extensions?

AS: The two shades that we are offering in all of our style options (Classic, Seamless, Halo, Ponytail, Bun) and length variations is the broadest offering of style/color combinations in the market, particularly in the DIY space. We hope that the industry continues to recognize the importance of inclusivity and that true beauty is not defined by antiquated norms.

MA: How do you hope people feel wearing these gray extensions?

AS: We want to be a solution provider for anyone looking to make themselves feel better about their hair, boost their overall confidence, leverage their hair as a form of self-expression—for anyone that views extensions as a form of self-care.

MA: Why did you decide to partner with Catalyst for International Women’s Day?

AS: Luxy Hair is an organization whose entire team is comprised of incredibly talented women who are socially conscious and believe in taking action to improve the lives of others. Catalyst has dedicated over 50 years to the advancement of gender equality and equal opportunities for marginalized groups, particularly in the workforce. In support of the theme for this year’s International Women’s Day, Break the Bias, we aim to celebrate age and reinforce that aging is not considered “depreciation,” but rather an appreciation of experience, wisdom, thought of life. Ageism in the workplace is real and requires advocacy to, again, “Break the Bias.”

Model wearing Luxy Hair gray hair extensions
(Photo courtesy of Luxy Hair)

Luxy Hair recently launched an AI tool to better match your hair color to their extensions. Learn all about the innovative technology HERE!

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