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Say Hello to Luxy Hair’s First-Ever Haircare Product Collection

Luxy Hair really isn’t letting us breathe, and we’re so here for it. Hot off the heals of their first-ever line of gray hair extensions, the brand has blessed us with another first—their first haircare product collection. We’ve been not-so-patiently waiting for this day to come and we are beside ourselves that it is finally here. To learn more about Luxy Hair’s new wet line, we spoke with the brand’s president, Amy Sveda. Below, Amy shares more details about the launch and takes us through each product.

Luxy Hair Haircare Collection Products
(Photo courtesy of Luxy Hair)

Mane Addicts: What inspired you to start this wet line?

Amy Sveda: One of our biggest customer inquiries has always been around how to properly take care of their extensions, including which products to use and which not to use. We wanted to develop a portfolio of haircare products that would address customer concerns with an approach inherent to the Luxy Hair brand. All of our products are vegan-certified (which is a difficult certification to be awarded), cruelty-free, and organic-certified. They are gentle for both extensions (considering Luxy extensions are all 100% Remy human hair) as well as one’s own hair.

MA: Why was now the time to launch it?

AS: Luxy’s wet line has been in the works for quite some time. We wanted to ensure we perfected the formulations and were able to be awarded one of the most difficult vegan certifications to obtain.

MA: How did you decide which products would be in the lineup?

AS: We developed Luxy’s wet line to address the most prevalent concerns faced by our customers in taking care of both their extensions as well as their own hair.

MA: Do you have plans to expand the line?

AS: We do. Our first launch truly addresses the most pressing needs of the Luxy customer. Subsequent product introductions will tackle more unique issues. We are very deliberate and measured as it relates to all of our launches with the intent of maintaining a high standard of execution.

Products from Luxy Hair's new wet line on display
(Photo courtesy of Luxy Hair)

MA: Do you have any favorite products?

AS: If I had to narrow it down to the top three, I would say Lengthening Repair Mask as No. 1, Luminous Shine Oil as No. 2, Heat Protectant Primer as No. 3. And the brush is art-worthy.

MA: Are there any unexpected ways to use them?

AS: I love to keep the Lengthening Repair Mask in my hair overnight for added conditioning!

MA: Are the products for all hair types?

AS: This product line was primarily developed to care for our extensions but is safe to use on all hair types. We know our customers have unique issues/concerns that can’t be solved by a one-size-fits-all approach, so we will continue to add solution-based products into the line-up.

MA: Do they work better on extensions?

AS: Because our extensions are 100% Remy Human Hair, our wet line collection works equally well on extensions and one’s own hair. We conducted additional testing to ensure the ingredients wouldn’t harm the other elements of the extensions’ construction (i.e. clips).

Luxy Hair’s Haircare Collection Products

We had Amy walk us through each of the products in the collection to detail how to use them and what she loves most about them.

Charcoal Detox Shampoo

“The daily purifier! This is amazing at keeping one’s extensions or own hair in its most natural state. It’s cleansing yet gentle. This is specially formulated for everyday use. It’s a detox shampoo that cleanses hair and scalp of product buildup and helps pull out impurities without stripping hair. Key star ingredients include organic baobab oil, activated charcoal, and organic apple cider vinegar.”

Luxy Hair Charcoal Detox Shampoo

(Photo courtesy of Luxy Hair)

High Gloss Smoothing Conditioner

“This is a fantastic daily conditioner that truly leaves one’s extensions/hair silky without adding heaviness or weight. And, it smells incredible (the entire line smells incredible; light, not overbearing). It’s specially formulated for everyday use—a deeply hydrating, creamy, and luxurious conditioner that detangles and de-frizzes. Key star ingredients include organic baobab oil, organic shea butter, and vitamin B-5.”

Luxy Hair High Gloss Smoothing Conditioner

(Photo courtesy of Luxy Hair)

Length Repairing Hair Mask

“My saving grace! I used to have to get conditioning treatments at my salon until I started using this regularly. It’s a transformative product that hydrates one’s hair and leaves it looking healthy and refortified. I recommended using this at least once a week or as needed. The moisture replenishing formula helps protect and revitalize hair, leaving hair feeling silky smooth and soft with a healthy shine. Key star ingredients include organic baobab oil, organic coconut oil, caryocar brasiliense fruit oil, organic jojoba seed oil, and grapeseed oil.”

Luxy Hair Length Repairing Hair Mask

(Photo courtesy of Luxy Hair)

Luminous Shine Hair Oil

“This has the best texture–super light and non-greasy to the touch. The smell is perfection and it leaves extensions/hair super smooth and shiny without looking greasy or weighed down. It’s a fast-absorbing hair oil that helps to add healthy shine and leaves hair feeling silky smooth and soft. I love it because it can be used on wet extensions/hair prior to drying/styling as well as on dry hair to provide a smooth, silky finish. It also helps hair feel hydrated, strengthened, and works to detangle. Key star ingredients include organic baobab oil, organic coconut oil, kukui nut oil, avocado oil, and grapeseed oil.”

Luxy Hair Luminous Shine Hair Oil

(Photo courtesy of Luxy Hair)

Heat Protectant Primer

“I know this is heresy, but I wash my hair every day. Yep, seven days a week. My hairstylist yesterday told me that my hair is healthy. This product is my non-negotiable, as my hair could not withstand the abuse without it. The same goes for extensions. A lightweight, styling microemulsion spray that reduces drying time while protecting from thermal styling damage and color fade. Use on damp extensions/hair prior to heat styling. It provides light hold throughout the day, leaving hair manageable and soft with less frizz. The primer is suitable for curly and straight styles.”

Luxy Hair Heat Protectant Primer

(Photo courtesy of Luxy Hair)

Detangling Wet Brush

“Never will you find a prettier wet brush. Seeing is believing! It’s made from biodegradable material and has anti-static properties to boot. So it works well on both wet and dry extensions/hair. You can use it on wet hair to gently detangle hair and it also works great on dry hair. Due to the flexibility of the bristles, this brush also works well with hair extensions (wet or dry) to detangle without tugging or pulling the wefts. The hairbrush is made from 100% cellulose acetate (non-petroleum) which is a very eco-friendly and biodegradable material with anti-static properties.”

Luxy Hair Detangling Wet Brush

(Photo courtesy of Luxy Hair)

Luxy Hair’s haircare product collection isn’t the only launch of theirs we love. Head over HERE to discover how they’re using AI technology to better color match extensions!

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