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A Step-by-Step Hair and Makeup Guide to Becoming Lydia Deetz From ‘Beetlejuice’ This Halloween

Not only is Beetlejuice a classic Halloween movie that should be required viewing each year, but it also serves up some serious inspiration as far as Halloween costumes are concerned. There’s Beetlejuice himself, along with Adam, Barbara, Delia, Charles, and even Miss Argentina. But it’s Lydia Deetz that really steals the show with her array of looks throughout the film. From her grunge attire to her signature jet black tousled updo paired with spiky bangs, we want to be Lydia year-round, though especially on Halloween.

If you yourself are strange and unusual, we have the perfect Halloween costume tutorial for you. Below, we break down how to recreate Lydia’s hair and makeup from the wedding scene in the film. Keep scrolling to get the look!

Lydia Deetz wearing a red dress in her wedding scene in Beetlejuice
(Beetlejuice via Warner Bros.)

Lydia Deetz Hair and Makeup Tutorial

Our hair and makeup tutorial for creating Lydia’s wedding scene look from the film is easier to follow than you may think. Virtually anyone can recreate this look. And if you prefer the steps written out, we’ve got you covered. Just keep on scrolling!

Step-by-Step Tutorial Instructions

To create Lydia’s signature spiky black hairstyle:

  1. Start by applying a frim hold hairspray to “dirty up” hair. We used a $15 wig in the video, though you can recreate this hairstyle on your own strands.
  2. Create a half-up ponytail, leaving some strands in the front.
  3. Spray the ponytail with dry shampoo to help create some grip and prep it for teasing.
  4. Backcomb/tease all parts of the ponytail until you get the desired look.
  5. Apply a firm hold hairspray.
  6. Twist pieces of the bings with gel to create “spikes.”

Moving onto makeup:

  1. Apply your concealer and foundation as you normally would.
  2. To create a “dead” look, apply eyeshadow under your eyes, cheeckbones, and lids.

Once that’s done, you can toss on your red dress and add your veil to the back of your updo just below the ponytail. And there you have it, you’re Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice.

Once the holiday is over, you’ll need some exra help reviving your strands from all that styling. We suggest you use THESE eight products to revitilize your post-Halloween hair!

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