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This Color-boosting System Gives Expensive-looking Hair Without the Work

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The trend cycle of 2022 has morphed from clearly definable colors (like the ultra-specific pumpkin spice copper) to more esoteric “vibes” like expensive brunette. Instead of shade-matching your Starbucks order, you’re capturing the richness and dimension that accompanies pricey salon visits and taking your vitamins on the reg. Luckily, the brains behind Madison Reed have figured out how to hack this look in half the time in a way that’s totally bespoke to three shade groups with their ColorSolve Hair Care System. Blondes, brunettes, and redheads—it’s time to look expensive. 

(Image Source: Madison Reed)

How Does the ColorSolve System Work?

Shvonne Perkins, Master Colorist at Madison Reed, tells us that ColorSolve was developed as a super easy two-step system to keep your hair running on all cylinders. Step one: Select a shampoo and conditioner set that addresses your hair’s specific needs—moisturizing, bond building, volumizing, or smoothing. Step two: Choose an ultra-concentrated “shot” of blue, purple or red pigments to enhance your own color’s vibrancy and reduce fading. “The blonde color shot neutralizes brassiness on blonde or gray hair, the brunette shot neutralizes brassiness on light to dark brown hair, and the red shot maintains the vibrancy of red hair,” Perkins explains.

While it’s totally fine to use the ColorSolve shampoo and conditioner as-is (we’ll get into the perks of that soon), the pigment shot is designed to be perfect ratio with the volume of shampoo in each bottle bottle—no more DIY eye-ing it and hoping for the best. And speaking of that, Perkins advises against trying to mix pigment and shampoo in your hand as it’s easy to overdo it and end up with stained hair (and hands). Perkins also recommends shampooing first thing in your shower routine: “The pigmented ColorSolve needs three minutes to soak into the hair cuticle to tone the hair, so shampoo first and let the color do its thing while you shower-task.”

(Image Source: Madison Reed)

Benefits of Using the ColorSolve Hair Care System

Madison Reed’s brand ethos is all about saving time without sacrificing performance, and ColorSolve is no exception. It’s totally foolproof and created for low maintenance color care—perfect for anyone who struggles to keep up with regular salon visits.

Plus, the shampoo and conditioners are formulated to protect the hair on all fronts with black spruce and ginseng root extracts. “Black Spruce Extract adds a second layer of color protection, helping guard against the top four elements that cause hair color to fade—sun, water, heat, and harsh detergents,” says Perkins. Ginseng root helps improve strand strength to nip split ends in the bud.

The result? Softer, shinier, richer color—all the hallmarks of the expensive hair trend. You can grab the full ColorSolve Hair Care System on Madison-Reed.com

(Image Source: Madison Reed)

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