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Madison Reed’s Root Perfection Formula Covers Grays in 10 Minutes Flat

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As soon as fall hits, our calendars fill to the brim with to-dos and appointments. We’re suddenly short on time, notorious for skipping out on salon touch-ups, and our gray roots pay the price. Madison Reed’s Root Perfection aims to solve the panic that ensues when your colorist can’t fit you in for another few weeks. The award-winning kit contains a cream-based formula to completely cover gray hair in less time than it takes to cook a frozen pizza.

Madison Reed Root Perfection Touch Up Kit
(Image Source: Madison Reed)

What is Rapid Dye technology?

According to Shvonne Perkins, Master Colorist at Madison Reed, the magic is all in the proprietary Rapid Dye technology. “Rapid Dye Technology increases the speed of color delivery into the cortex of the hair. The product is a permanent color, therefore the color is meant to offer 100 percent gray coverage and stay until the new roots come in,” explains Perkins. Plus, the pigmented cream contains neutral tones to easily blend with your salon color.

How to use Madison Reed Root Perfection.

Those afraid of a home dye situation need not be afraid. The kit contains all the necessary components (including a bowl and brush) with an easy-to-use guide that explains it all. It’s also TSA-friendly if you need to Starting with dry hair, simply mix the color and activator together in the bowl using the small tint brush—then get to work covering those grays. “Outline the hair around your hairline and temples where gray is most obvious and then, paint the color on to wherever you are most likely to part your hair, and a couple of sections back from those partings,” says Perkins. Finally, just wait for ten minutes before you shampoo and apply the provided mask to seal it all in. 

Perkins’ application pro tip? “The key here is saturation. Make sure you put the product on those tougher grays nice and thick (think the consistency of icing on a cake). Some of those coarser grays can literally stand up on end and can poke out of the color if it’s not on thick enough (this applies to all hair color). So if you have those tougher coarse grays around the hairline and parting, be a little more generous with the amount of color you apply there.”

It’s quick, easy, and clocks in at only $34 (which includes two applications!) on Madison Reed and Ulta.


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