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Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour Gets Wiggy in Australia


Having just returned from a nine month tour with Madonna, Mane Master Andy Lecompte divulged to us how he and Madonna collaborated to come up with the concept behind her looks at the ‘Tears of a Clown’ show in Australia during the Rebel Heart tour. The result is an array of rainbow hued wigs that would have any hairstylist in a frenzy.

Madonna Tears of a Clown Pink Wig

“Madonna started joking early in the year about how she would love to do a show where she dresses up as a clown,” he says. “We all thought it was a joke until that little piece of humor turned into a reality and Madonna decided to prepare an intimate club show for her Australian fans who have been waiting 23 years for her to return to Oz….

Madonna really wanted to step outside her comfort zone and do something she’s never done before, so a 16 song set of ballads seemed like a Madonna show like no other.”


To complement her intimate performance, the look had to be perfected. “She usually has strong instincts and opinions about her look, but the show was so last minute so I needed to start preparing before we were even able to discuss any references. With the show less then a week away, I began to to color and cut some wigs [during my off days] while we were on tour in New Zealand. That was the first opportunity we had to discuss the look.” Pink-Afro-Wig-with-Hat

“When she saw the wigs, she reminded me that she has to do what is least expected of her, and that she was thinking of a more geometric haircut like Aya and Bambi, the Japanese dancers that also appeared in the show. This meant a blunt bang and blunt ends.”


This set off a frenzy of references, mood boards, colors, styles, and shapes being sent back and forth until she liked a few of my ideas:

1. A pale pink fro.

2. A cropped orange Louise Brooks look, but she wanted it longer and in magenta.

3. A cropped blonde bob with a note attached saying she would rather see in pale pink or hot pink or magenta.

So with those notes I went back to the drawing board and created an array of pink shades using different Wella formulas to color my human hair blonde wigs many different shades of pink.”


At one point, all I had was vivid pink and purple on me, so I wanted to dip the wig in water and color to get the softest shade of pink. We didn’t have a bucket or bowl, so Rob Sheppy invented a box covered with a garbage bag instead. It did the trick and made the most gorgeous pale pink shade ever!

With wigs, you have more freedom because you know you’re not gonna fuck someone’s hair up, so you can take more risks. However, sometimes when your wig is expensive, you could be really bummed if you messed it up; but there’s always a way to fix it!”


Make sure to follow @andylecompte for more #manespiration. 

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