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How to Maintain Pastel Hair Colors, According to Top Colorists

Pastel hair color never goes out of style, but maintaining the hue is a whole different story. They’re fairly high-maintenance, though we’re willing to put up with it for how stunning they look. Nothing beats a candy-colored creation of soft pinks and purples swirled throughout our strands. Sadly, it often doesn’t stay that way for long. That’s why we reached out to some of the top colorists to get their advice on how to maintain pastel hair. Read their pastel hair care tips below before dyeing your strands!

How to Maintain Pastel Hair Colors

Wash Your Hair Less Often

“The best options are to wash less frequently and to use a dry shampoo to hold you over in between washings. My favorite dry shampoo is by Rene Furterer. When you do wash, scrub gently using color-safe shampoos. 

I also recommend after shampooing, mixing in a little bit of the deposit-only pastel color with your daily conditioner and apply all over. Then, let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. It will slightly refresh any of the pastel tones released from washing. 

There are also Evo Fabuloso Color Enhancing Shampoos and Conditioners. They come in a variety of tones ranging from chestnut to purple-red. These can be very pigmented, so definitely follow the instructions and dilute with regular conditioner for a more pastel look.”

Sarah Conner, colorist and extension specialist at Mare Salon in Beverly Hills

Use a Conditioning Treatment

“To keep your hair healthy and strong, I recommend a conditioning treatment that leaves the hair cuticle closed. Number two, avoid washing your hair too often, once a week is best. Finally, I customize a conditioner for my clients using some of the pastel tones and a nice treatment conditioner, this can be used once a week, once the color starts to fade. I always mix my custom conditioners starting with either Manic Panic and/or Pravana color. Then I add a masque treatment to the desired color mixture.

I use either the Shu Uemura Ultimate Remedy Masque for hair that needs repairing and moisture, Shu Uemura Color Luster Masque for added color protection and moisture, or the Plarmia Treatment customizing it for fine or thick hair.”

Aura Friedman, creative director and colorist at Suite Caroline in New York

Make Sure You Use the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

“I do a ton of pastel work and often recommend the Pravana Vivids Chromasilk shampoo, conditioner, and especially the Color Protect Sealing Spray to maintain the pastel colors. 

The color spray is the final product to put on the hair to protect it from the elements. It uses natural oils that protect from UV rays and fading sun rays, and it also gives the hair some hydration. The more hydrated and healthy the hair, the less the color is going to fade (regardless of if it is pastel hair or not). It is important to protect your hair just like your skin, so I love this product. I also always recommend washing with cold water.”

Kait Marie, Los Angeles blonde specialist

Now that you have your pastel haircare routine down pat, HERE is what a pastel specialist wants you to know about going pastel!

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