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How-to: Maintaining a Curly Mane

Does having curly hair make you feel like you have limitations?  Or how about the never ending battle of quenching the curls thirst?  We know the pros vs. cons can be weighed pretty heavily, but we’re here to stack up the positivity with our favorite tools, products, and all around manespiration.  So we dedicate this to you and you only…. our curly haired babes.



FACT: Curls and long hair go together like Givenchy and Riccardo Tisci.  However, if cut wrong, a world shattering array of “I knew I shouldn’t have cut it” and “FML” is likely to take over… but we’ve got your back.  The key with long curly hair is balance.  The right amount of weight taken out, mixed with the right amount of layering; too much of either will leave your locks looking sparse and waifish.   The goal here is to get cascading tendrils that effortlessly fall into place and can be categorized as making Shikira herself have hair envy.  But before we get to those details, there’s the flip side.

You’ve heard it a billion and one times, “curly hair shouldn’t be cut short.”  In our opinion, anyone who has ever made that statement is too scared to take on such a feat as we’re here to tell you otherwise. If you’ve teetered with the scissors but always shied away, look no further than the pages of Pinterest or even a quick scan through Tumblr to see all the gorgeous women with cropped curls.  Beyonce, AnnaLynne McCord, and thousands of other women can attest that if cut right, the long to short transition is all in a days glam.

What to ask your stylist

Long hair

  • Most important task is finding someone you trust.  You won’t feel comfortable having to direct every snip and neither will your stylist.  Do your research and if all else fails contact us!  We’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.
  • Know your boundaries and how far your willing to go.  Establish this with your hairdresser from the start!  The most common fault in a bad haircut is miscommunication.
  • Play up key words like save the length and taking weight out.
  • When you speak of face framing layers always say an inch more than you actually want ( i.e. you want 3″ taken off ask for only 2″)  This gives you room to judge how much your curls will spring up and you can always cut more off.

Short hair

  • PICTURES, PICTURES, PICTURES!  The consultation is a make or break moment and having reference is the biggest insurance you can get.
  • Don’t just run to a salon (because you saw this post) and chop your hair.  Prepare.  Prepare yourself for the change, for the lifestyle switch, for becoming a new you.  It’s a dramatic and often traumatizing moment in a woman’s life when she so chooses to cut her hair off, but if the preparation is right it can be quite magical.
  • Repeat the long hair steps.


The key to great curls is what you’re washing and conditioning with.  Go wild in that department, layering and cock-tailing to find the right combination.  Because the truth is, no two curls are alike; girls with finer curls may want to be weary of using heavier conditioners (like coconut oil), where coarser hair types will soak it up. Frizzy, kinky curls are the result of dehydration, so keeping the hair moisturized is of utmost importance and can work wonders.

For thick, coarse curls, ask your stylist about in Salon Oil Treatments.  With oil saturated curls and an hour or so under a dryer, dehydration will be nothing but a long forgotten nightmare.



We love curly hair for it’s versatility. The twists and spirals easily form and take shape, so in lieu of your chaotic (but beautiful) mess, enhance the craziness with creativity.  Again we reiterate to go to an experienced stylist who is comfortable working with curly hair, but from there… the sky the limit.  Styles that break the mold of “the curl norm” often match with the personality; daring, adventurous, and ahead of the style curve.  With f#$%!% up edges and contrasting shapes, be reminded that curly hair is easier to manipulate than you think.  Add the right tools, and you’re golden!  Diffusers can do wonders to push weight where you want to see it and the small touch of an iron can completely change your look. Don’t be afraid of taking risks or putting in a little effort (like Zoe Kravitz’s short flat-ironed bangs), because curly bangs can look hella chic when they grow out. Embrace the odd texture and have fun with it!


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