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The Threaded Braids at Maison Margiela Will Make You Dream Rainbows


If we can say anything for sure about 2016/2017 it’s that emojis, patches, pins and personalized embellishments were/are everywhere and John Galliano, in his collection for Maison Margiela Couture SS17 (which debuted this week in Paris), took that and turned it into beautiful couture. His avant-garde collection turned heads with makeup by Pat McGrath and hair styling by Eugene Souleiman that completely embraced and exaggerated his vision. 

Our favorite look (hair-wise) was definitely the kaleidoscope of colorful threads – some braided some not – that were pulled back into a low braid on model Teddy Quinlivan. Threading was a powerful theme in Galliano’s collection and both McGrath and Souleiman found ways to include his vision fit into their work their own way.

Do you think we’ll be seeing this look at festivals this year? We do!

Be sure to follow Eugene Souleiman for more #manespiration.

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