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A Glittered Part For Coachella

coachella glitter part

Are you as excited for Coachella as we are?! We recently teamed up with #ManeMaster Brittany Gharring, to create the perfect festival look. As seen on the spring 15 runways, a temporary color fix can add the perfect splash of festival fun, and Major Moonshine is just the product to get the job done! Created by hair colorist Danny Moon, this amazing glitter hair product goes on as a gel and leaves a sparkling finish on your mane.

coachella glitter part

Used as a simple detail on the parting, a way to decorate your double buns, or as an adornment to braids, this glitter doubles as a medium hold gel that can secure your hair back so you can dance the night away!

To recreate this look, simply scoop out about a tablespoon of Major Moonshine in your desired color and place in a bowl, on a plate, or on the back of your palm.

Use a hair color brush to dip in the gel then paint onto your hair wherever desired. Brittany created a dead center part then painted the color to either side of the parting about an inch out.

Finish by tucking hair behind your ears and let the glitter do the talking!

Model: Taylor Burns @taylorrburns

Hair: Brittany Gharring @britbritbritbrit

Makeup: Justin Tyme @justintymeart

Wardrobe: Johnny Wujek @jwujek

Photography: Nate Hoffman @nhoffmanstudio

Video: Dave Lang @thedavelang

Retouching: Samantha Levi @samstownusa

2 minutes

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