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Pros and Cons of Using 4 Makeup Essentials to Cover Stray Grays on Dark Hair

As we continue sticking it out amid the pandemic, there are still some of us who haven’t touched our hair in even the most desperate of times. If you’re one of the few still patiently waiting for the magic touch of your hairdresser, there’s a good chance you’re seeing a mass of split ends, brassy color, and our fave—grays.

If grays are indeed your issue, and you don’t have light hair, we can tell you firsthand how we’ve gone to great lengths to cover them up without the help of a professional. In fact, it’s been as easy as digging through our makeup bags.

Keep reading for the pros and cons of using four different makeup essentials to cover stray grays on dark hair.

1. Liquid Eyeliner

Pros: Liquid eyeliner goes on smoothly. It appears natural on the hair and won’t rub off too easily after application.

Cons: Depending on how many grays you have, it can take a while to combat each area, due to such a small applicator.

2. Black Eyeshadow

Pros: If you take a big brush and wet it, you can cover a lot of ground once applied to black eyeshadow. The consistency spreads on the hair more effortlessly than we would have expected, and it looks natural.

Cons: If it’s hot or you play with your hair frequently, the shadow is likelier to come out more easily.

3. Mascara

Pros: This method is super quick and easy. If you’re rushed, a couple quick spoolies through the hair will have those grays covered up in no time.

Cons: The consistency gets clumpy, and you have to reapply frequently. After one too many applications (which is sometimes necessary), your hair can start looking greasy in the light (as evidenced in the photo below)

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4. Sharpie

Pros: This seems like the easiest, most convenient option. Everyone has a Sharpie laying around, and the combo of its size and permanent consistency makes for a perfect gray coverage option. You can cover a lot of ground quickly, and it lasts.

Cons: Everything about the aroma is daunting—unless you enjoy smelling like a walking Sharpie!

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