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Mane Master Extraordinaire, Eugene Soulieman

In the spirit of London Fashion Week, we are featuring London born and UK based #manemaster Eugene Soulieman.  Serving as the Global Creative Director for Wella Professionals, there is no doubt that whatever Eugene Soulieman creates is a work of art.  A sought after runway stylist, he’s worked with top designers including Alexander McQueen, Missoni, Narciso Rodriguez, DKNY, and Kenzo.  We love the architectural influence in his work.  Even his softest creations have an air of the abstract about them- something unusual that makes us take another glance and look for that extra moment.  So it is no surprise that he has worked closely with Lady Gaga and is responsible for her iconic short hair beneath all the wigs!  A regular contributor to Vogue, V Magazine, Harper’s Bazzaar, W Magazine, and The New York Times, we revel in the authenticity behind this artist’s work!

One of our personal favs from LFW?  Check out this 90’s hip hop inspired hair for DKNY SS15 and follow @eugensoulieman for more #manespiration

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