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Kit Raid: Cesar DeLeon Ramirez Breaks Down Everything Inside His Hair Kit

For Mane Addict’s Kit Raid series, we profile one Mane Master who is making waves in the industry. We poll their likes, favorite products and can’t-live-without travel accessories.  This week, we raid Cesar DeLeon Ramirez’s kit– a Mane Master who has worked with everyone from chanteuse Ciara to actress Yara Shahidi.

Cesar Ramirez
(Image courtesy of Cesar DeLeon Ramirez)

What is your Instagram handle?

What luggage do you use for your kit?

I’ve had a ton of kits over the past 20 years as a stylist but once I went Burton I never went back. They are made to last, and I can squeeze 100lbs of hair, tools, and products into my kit. Plus, it separates into two pieces of luggage, so I don’t go over the weight limit when I travel.
Burton luggage
(Image via Amazon)

What was the first piece of luggage you ever had for your kit?

OMG! It was some cheap thing I picked up at a thrift store somewhere. It was so bad that my boyfriend at the time gifted me a Dooney and Bourke suitcase in the smallest carry-on size! It’s crazy that I could fit my whole kit in something so small compared to now. I actually still have it!

Have you ever lost your kit?

Yes, at LAX! After a long flight traveling home from a shoot. I saw my kit come down the belt and instead of walking to my bag I waited for it to come to me, someone must have snatched it off the belt because I never saw it again. Now 1 million miles later I have priority tags so my bags come down first and I grab them right away!

What is the most unique story involving your kit?

I flew to Chicago for a hair show a few years ago. I packed my craft kit [for the show] which includes tons of glitter, yarn, wire random art supply, and spray paints. Well, spray paint is not allowed on flights for a reason. The cans started self-spraying [during the flight] and filled my kit with a rainbow of colors and toxic fumes. Not only did the airport staff give me a slap in the hand, I almost passed out when I opened my kit and inhaled the cloud of gasses it released! Let’s just say, “thank you” to my team who got on their hands and knees to help me whip up the glittery rainbow soup off the baggage claim floor.

What are the mainstay tools in your kit?

I have so many “mini kits” inside my kit. I keep everything in compartment bags to stay neat and organized. I have a lace kit for all my lace wig work: from making wigs to wig prepping and wig finishing. [The kit] includes makeup, glue, brushes and other items. It’s actually what has inspired a kit I’m creating for my brand WILDFORM.


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(Kylie Jenner in WILDFORM)

My product kit is forever transforming. I’m such a product junkie, I keep adding products and my assistant keeps taking them out. I love trying new and different products but I have to have my favorites. My must haves are Ouai, R+Co, Mizani, and Biosilk. My current obsessions are Living Proof and IGK.
Hair Gift Guide
(Image via Ouai)

r+Co Rodeo Star

(Image via Amazon)
One whole half of my kit is just compartments of hair. I have collected many hair pieces, wigs, and extensions over the years and I carry them with me everywhere. It’s rare that a client ever asks for something and I don’t have it in my kit. Now that I have my baby, WILDFORM, I have wigs I actually love. Oh yeah, let’s not forget my mannequin head and stand. I’m a frequent shopper at Mane beauty in NY or Frends in LA.
wig stand
(Image via Amazon)

If you could only travel with three tools, what would they be?

A croc flat iron, a dyson blow dryer and ahhhhhhhhhh baby hair brush lol. It’s always in my right hand.
Dyson Hair Dryer Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Jen Atkin
(Image via Dyson)

What products always travel with you in your kit? 

Living Proof Flex Hairspray which is a medium hold hairspray that can be used on damp or dry hair. [It] helps create almost anything I want and smells amazing. R+co’s Trophy Texture and Shine Spray that is
great for that sexy lived in look, without weighing it down. Lastly, Mizani Thermasmooth Shine Extend – not only does it repel humidity but it’s also an anti-frizz, heat protectant smoothing treatment that gives hair and incredible shine. [Perfect] for that Glass Hair Look
MIZANI Thermasmooth Smooth Guard
(Image via Amazon)

What is the last product you discovered that immediately made it into your kit?

Living Proof Multi-Tasker. It tames and grooms for easy manageability; smoothes for polished blowouts; and creates definition and separation on dry hair for deconstructed. Literally does it all!

What other miscellaneous items made it onto your kit? 

Can’t live without a Bestool Detangling Brush.

What non-hair item do you always stock your kit with?

Crystals to keep away that bad energy and WILDFORM Candles. Make up concealer and NYX Eyebrow gel makeup for wigs, chop sticks (lol) and wire for accessories.

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