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A Mane Addicts New York Fashion Week Recap

New York Fashion Week came and went like a gust of wind, with a busy storm of shows, events, killer fashion, and jaw-dropping hair. Upon landing in NYC, we were quickly whisked away to our first show Milly, where Bob Recine showed us how to create the perfect textured ponytail with a little hair hack that we’ve added to our arsenal (hint: it includes a hair net and cellophane!). After, we headed to Nicole Miller with effortless hair by Tomo Jidai, then Suno where Odile Gilbert inspired with velvet silk wrapped ponytails that had our hearts in a flutter.

After running around in nearly zero degree temperatures all day, we had a quick stop at our hotel before heading to our big NYFW Mane Addicts L’Oreal Professionnel reception where we hosted some of the hottest hairdressers for a few hours of mingling at the breathtaking 1 Hotel.

1 Hotel Central Park New York

This hotel is literally like a refuge in the middle of Manhattan. Overlooking Central Park, the hotel is lined with walls of greenery and shrub, giving a breathe of fresh air to the hustle of the city.

Mane Addicts Kimoji Stickers

We were on the 2nd floor where there were cozy nooks adorned with rustic charm where our guests could chat and mingle amidst our favorite L’Oreal Professionnel products, table scattered with MA x Kimoji Stickers, and tasty treats on display.


Among those who came were Jennifer Yepez, Renato Campora, Ken Paves, Tokyo Stylez, Anastasia, Ryan Pearl, and more amazing talents and notables in the industry- including two other L’Oreal Professional ambassadors. The evening was full of inspiration and admiration as people enjoyed the amazing food and cocktails at 1 Hotel.

As quickly as our night ended, we were up again the next morning (and the mornings after that) to see more of our hair idols backstage including Jon Reyman, Rudi Lewis, Kevin Ryan, Frank Rizzieri, Marshall Lin, Esther Langham, and Eugene Souleiman each creating unique and creative masterpieces that perfectly embodied each designer’s collection. Stay tuned for a recap of some of our favorite tips and tricks from behind the scenes.

Ryan Roche Woven Fashion Week Ponytail by Rudi Lewis


Special thanks to L’Oreal Professionnel and 1 Hotel for making our week so memorable.

@lorealprous @1hotels @1hotelCP

Photos by Desirae Cherie.

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