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Mane Ambition: Huda and Mona Kattan

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If you’ve ever gleefully swiped a Huda Beauty product over your lips, lids, or literally on any square inch of your face, you know how much love went into the making of it. Huda Kattan might helm her booming beauty company, but running it smoothly requires a team that includes her kickass sister sidekicks, Mona and Alya. We shot big hair, don’t care Dubai-living cuties Huda and Mona in even bigger curls by Chris Appleton and Ruslan Nureev, then caught up with Mona to find out what it’s like to be sister to a beauty industry power player and our Mane Muse Huda. Scroll ahead to find out the style and makeup hacks Mona learned from Huda, the one item they always borrow from each other’s closet and Huda’s way of helping a sister out with her hair, literally.

What’s the best hair hack Huda has taught you?

I’ve gotten so many beauty hacks from Huda, but I’m not sure if she’s gotten so many from me because she’s the beauty guru. In terms of hair, recently she washed my hair for me. It was before I did the shoot for you guys. After she washed it and conditioned it, she applied some of the OUAI Rose Hair & Body Oil to the bottom and left it while it was wet and it just dried so nicely, so smooth. It looked a lot healthier, it was amazing.

What’s the best makeup hack you’ve learned from Huda?

Well I think it’s something that’s good for me specifically, because I tend to overdo everything. So Huda has taught me to refine my makeup look, make it a little more — I wouldn’t say sophisticated — but a little bit less harsh. She softens my look a lot and after having her teach me to soften my makeup definitely made a huge different. Especially with the brows because that’s something I struggled with, we tend to make our eyebrows a bit too dark and heavy.

Who has better style?

This sounds terrible, but again, Huda influences me more than I influence her. She makes me refine my taste a lot more because naturally, I’m a bit over the top with everything, wacky with everything. I’m tacky by nature. So Huda has taught me to take off an accessory or two before I leave the house and I think with her, I’ve always encouraged her to be a bit more funky although she’s already funky herself, but we definitely influence each other. When we shop together, we almost always grab the same thing so I think our tastes have merged together.

What’s your favorite thing to steal from her closet?

We probably steal each other’s sunglasses the most, because we both have a fetish with sunglasses. With shoes, we don’t have the same size shoe so we can’t share, but sunglasses are something I’m always grabbing. She has a great collection and I have a great collection too.

What’s your go-to hairstyle?

Probably a really cute top bun and then pull down some pieces. I usually always have my hair done, to be honest. That’s one thing that I have to do at all times — my hair and nails have to be done at all times. My makeup I’m a bit more simple with so on a regular day at the office, I’ll just use mineral powder, blush, mascara, and lipstick — that’s it. Sounds like a lot, but I’m not the type of person to overdo my makeup. My hair and nails always have to be done though. When my hair is done, it’s just straight. I don’t know what the term is here [in California], but in Dubai they call it hair botox. I do quite often. It’s kinda like a hair keratin or Brazilian Blowout.

Who colors your hair?

I have a disaster often with my hair color. For some reason, my hair is really hard to color, it always turns into a reddish color. So it’s very hard.  Jen [Atkin] knows this—I’m very impulsive with my hair and I don’t go to the same person, ever. I’m always like, if I’m in the mood at that moment, I’ll go to the salon that’s next to me and I’ll go in and do it, which is probably crazy and I shouldn’t do that, but it’s something that I can’t control and when I have the urge, I have to do it. The latest disaster was about a year ago and my hair was just falling out in clumps, because they bleached it too much and I actually cried and I never thought I’d cry ever because it’s just hair, but no, I was crying — I was like ‘it’s fine it’s fine’ while balling. I love blonde hair, but I know I can’t have it. Jen is like give up, wear a wig or something. I just had to chop off a lot of my hair to recover. I just chopped half of it out. I don’t take it too seriously. It’s just my hair, like of course it’s sad, but it grows. If it was something like a scar that never goes away on your skin, then yeah, that’s sad, but it will grow back.
Crew: Photography by Mike Rosenthal; Hair by Chris Appleton and Ruslan Nureev; Makeup by Ashley Holm; Wardrobe by Maeve Reilly; Creative Production by Ashley Alanis.

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