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Ray Ray Big Bun

Wigs + Lips, It’s A Thing.

A beauty blogger in LA’s hotbed of talent, Raye Boyce has found herself breaking up with basics and embracing her wild style. Her signature look is bold and flirty. She’s mastered this to such perfection that it’s won her over a million followers on social media.

Raye Ray Side Part

Why we love her? She started a beauty blog which allowed her to be more personal and connect with her audience. And much like her loyal followers, we eat it all up. When we found out she was collaborating with beauty brand mogul COLOURPOP, we had to know all about it! After chatting one on one we concluded wigs and lips, it’s a thing! Read along to get the ins and outs of a lipstick collab.

Ray Ray Big Bun

Mane Addicts: Tell us about the collaboration, what do you guys have going on?

Raye Raye: [We came] out with a matte lipstick, a liquid lipstick, a lippie stick, and a pencil.

MA: Wait, what’s a lippie stick?

RR: A lippie stick is more of I guess a creamy kind of consistency on the lips so it feels more comfortable. It has great color pay off but then you know you don’t have crusty, dry lips throughout the day when you have it on.

MA: Yass.. So is that your favorite of the four products?

RR: Yeah that’s my favorite, well [the lippie sticks and matte lipsticks are.] I like the lippie stix because of that reason but I also love matte lips and that’s what I’m known for.

MA: Like your signature?

RR: Yeah, exactly, and you can still wear the matte lipstick and put the lippie stix on top of it which is what I do sometimes.

MA: What was the most exciting thing about this whole process?

RR: The most exciting thing was going to the Colour Pop lab, I actually got a chance to see how they make everything from scratch.

MA: Let’s switch gears to talk about your mane, where did you pull your hair inspiration specifically for this shoot?

RR: I just wanted to go with something that wasn’t too dramatic because I wanted the focus to be on the lips. Normally I wear my hair big and curly but I knew that if I did that, people would be like “Ohmigosh, how’d you do your hair?” you know what I mean. So I wanted to play it safe but I still wanted it to be cute and girly. Bangs and a bun or a ponytail is the perfect hairstyle.

MA: What’s your go-to hairstyle and why?

RR: My go-to hairstyle.. hmmm right now would have to be like my curly fro and actually I’ve been trying out wigs lately which I just got into so literally when I don’t feel like doing my hair, I’ll just pop on a super cute wig with like bangs.

MA: We feel like everyone’s doing wigs right!

RR: Yeah, I’m like why am I just now getting hip to it.

MA: Little by little it’s even becoming more acceptable. Did you see Karrueche in her wigs?

RR: Yeah, yeah!

MA: That girl be walking around in her wigs and I’m like okay you get it, you get it.

RR: Yeah, yeah exactly so that’s what I’ve been doing lately.

MA: What’s your favorite wig right now?

RR: My favorite wig would have to be this really curly one that I have and I like spray purple hairspray in it.

MA: Do you name your different wigs?

RR: Not yet but I do have a little wig head and I made up her face (laughs).

Raye Ray Side PartRay Ray Big Bun

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