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4 Things to Know About Mane Club, the Instagrammable Haircare Brand With Everything Under $10

Mane Club haircare sounds too good to be true. From its insanely Instagrammable packaging, to its ingredients and price point, what’s there not to love?

But in case you’re new to the New York City-based brand, we’re here to break down some major key points. Keep reading for four things to know about Mane Club haircare.

1. None of Their Hair Products Cost More Than $8!

With 13 items to their name, each is between $3 – $8. With the exception of their signature $20 Cry Baby T-shirt, nothing costs more than $10. Pretty remarkable.

2. Their One-Time-Wear Hair Masks Are Well-Reviewed

Mane Club haircare sells six individually packaged hair masks targeting specific needs. There’s Soothing, Volumizing, Moisturizing, Repairing, Frizz Control and Strengthening. And, of course, each has a sassy product name. These $3 hair masks get the most reviews on the brand’s website.


3. Their Products Ditch the Gunk

We’re wowed by how the brand manages to keep costs way down, yet avoids cheap filler ingredients in their formulas. Each item is vegan, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, gluten-free and free of artificial color.


4. They Have Products for Curly-Haired Gals

The brand’s only full-sized basic products are two dry shampoos, hair oil and 10-in-1 leave-in spray. But in addition to those go-tos, the only other full-sized products for purchase are made for curly-haired girls: wave-texture spray and curl-defining cream!


Now that you know all about Mane Club haircare, HERE‘s why it’s so great that their products are silicone-free.

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