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NEED TO KNOW: Hair Color Recovery at Spoke and Weal Salon

Our story begins with a less-than-sophisticated dye job, and a disappointed redhead looking to experiment with her mane. My auburn hair had grown long and unruly, and my lifeless locks were begging for a change. After spending the summer poring over the current trends on vivid colors and mermaid manes, I was inspired to deviate from my natural-born shade and opt for something of the technicolor variety! Spoke and Weal Salon BEFORE Alas, in my eagerness to jump on the pastel bandwagon, I failed to conduct the proper research my strands deserved! I found myself at an offbeat salon that told me it would be too difficult to bring my ginger mane to the pastel shades I had been dreaming of. Apparently, they didn’t believe in using foils either, preferring to haphazardly bleach various sections of my hair without any kind of strategic method involved (you know a red flag when you see one, never ignore your intuition Mane Addicts!). Unsurprisingly, I left the salon with uninspired, chunky dip-dyed tresses that ranged from dark indigo blues, to teal and violet that faded to a bright Barney purple. Spoke and Weal Salon So to say I was a nervous wreck walking into LA’s Spoke & Weal Salon is an understatement. Worried the only way they could fix my hair was by hacking off the unflattering fuchsia tips, I was open to pretty much any mane makeover that would restore my strands to their former glory. But to my surprise, what I got was so much more than I had bargained for… Spoke and Weal Salon Mane Addicts Five hours later, Mane Master Christine Thompson, co-owner and director of color at Spoke & Weal, waved her magic wand and made my fantasy a reality with her creative vision and inventive approach to corrective color. Christine creates incredible avant-garde hairstyles with her team at fashion week every year with partner Jon Reyman. She is also an instrumental part of S&W’s training programs, housed at each of their three locations in LA, San Francisco and SoHo. Known for her expertise as a color maven, Christine quickly assessed my disheveled mane and created a plan to take my fading violet shade to a full-on blush toned hue with peachy keen, coral colored ends. Spoke and Weal Salon Christine explains her unique approach to corrective color, and shares how she used a high-lift Aveda tint to achieve the look. “I find that color is actually more effective at pushing out the molecules with direct dye versus using a powdered lightener, because the lightener can actually defragment the molecules in the hair shaft, which is what creates that orangey-yellow stain.” At that point, you’re essentially trying to bleach the stain out of hair. Spoke and Weal Salon So the first step was to neutralize the damage that had already been done. “First, I started with Aveda color 12 ND with a 20 volume developer to remove the bright purple. After that, I’m able to push out that residual mint green tone with a powdered lightener. I call this a color cleanse, where I mix shampoo, the powdered lightener, and 20 volume to be used as a slow, controlled lift so I can still maintain the integrity of Marlee’s hair” Christine says. Spoke and Weal Salon Every step of the way, Christine continued to make the integrity of my mane a priority. With the help of Aveda Damage Remedy Equalizing Solution, a quinoa protein spray similar to Olaplex, and Aveda Botanical Hair Strengthening Treatment, my hair remained in great condition, and felt protected throughout the entire process. Spoke and Weal Salon Rose Gold Red When Christine and her amazing team were finished with me, I couldn’t believe how she managed to not only undo my mane mistakes without totally destroying my hair, but that she created such effortlessly rich, vibrant colors that seamlessly flowed from root to tip! I couldn’t WAIT to show off my gorgeous new color for the Fall season, a look I like to call the rose gold redhead. Spoke and Weal Salon Rose Gold Red Learn from my mistakes Mane Addicts, because the number one lesson I took away from my mane makeover is just how much science and artistry is involved in the color process. Quality over quantity will win out every time, and everyone deserves the confidence that comes from having the healthy, glam strands of your dreams. To flaunt a mane that looks like a million bucks, you have to seek the expertise of a true Mane Master! Spoke and Weal Salon Rose Gold Red

For flawless color and superior services, visit Christine Thompson and her talented team at Spoke & Weal Salon.


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