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How to Deal With Your Man’s Hair Loss

There’s no easy way to tell the man in your life that his hair is looking a little sparse. We’ve had to break this news to boyfriends, fiancés, dads, and siblings. It’s always best to let them know gently and to offer solutions for when they get defensive (and trust us, they will get defensive). Below, we shared our advice on how to deal with your man’s hair loss in a way that benefits you both.

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See a Doctor

Sending him to a great dermatologist, especially one who specializes in scalp and hair issues, is a great way for him to treat his thinning hair. The dermatologist can prescribe clinical-grade shampoos and conditioners, as well as medicines to treat any form of hair loss.

Dr. Peter Goldman has been coined as the “go-to guy for Tinseltown’s newly thinning A-list.” He’s easily the No. 1 recommended doctor for hair loss as his knowledge and professionalism surpass any expectations. Be sure to find out his complete list of services to see if there is something that suits your needs.

Try Supplements

Suggesting supplements is always a great way to go. We often talk about how important it is to treat hair from the inside out. Supplements such as Biosil and Viviscal are formulated to nourish and fortify scalp and hair. And you both can take them, which is an easy way to make him feel more comfortable.

Think Over-the-Counter

In addition to the supplements we mentioned, over-the-counter hair growth and fortifying treatments like Rogaine are widely available and have been proven to slow down hair loss. In some cases, they’ve been shown to grow new hair where it was once sparse.

Having the Conversation

There’s no easy way to break the news to any guy in your life that his hair is looking a little on the thinner side. The best way is to mention it is casually like it was something you just noticed, and not something you’ve been dreading to bring up. This can bruise their pride, and that’s why we think it’s important to gently suggest positive solutions so you don’t come across as critical. Make them feel comfortable by letting them know there is something they can do and that you are willing to help. Join them in taking supplements. Just be open to helping them if you bring it up. Thinning hair is something that is best treated early on and at the first sign, otherwise, the only option in the future will be a troupe or hair plugs, and that can be a hard look to pull off.

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