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Mane Master Alen M on His Hair Icon Jonathan Gale and Finding Trends in Brazil

Anyone who’s looking for a hair color change should have color expert Alen M on their radar. As a California native, he made it his mission to take his techniques bicoastal, by opening Alen M salons in both Los Angeles and Miami. Alen also makes frequent stops in New York as well to reach his clientele in the Big Apple, so you better believe he’s always on-the-go. The Mane Master is an expert known for his natural-looking sun-kissed highlights and specializes in the art of balayage,the French technique of  handpainting color onto individual sections of the hair. We caught up with the hair guru to discuss what inspires him, the products he always carries in his kit and his salons.

When did you know you wanted to specialize in hair color?

After beauty school, I started my internship at the John Frieda Salon. The way Jonathan Gale did color was so creative and effortless, and that’s how I knew I wanted to specialize in color. 

How did you get your start in the industry?

I wanted to work with the best of the best. At the time, the salon I was working at had the most talented and creative colorists and stylists in the Los Angeles area. 

(Image via Instagram)

Who were your hair icons growing up?

Jonathan Gale was definitely my icon. He would create such delicate colors while keeping the integrity of the hair. Coloring techniques were his passion and he created he created a variety of beautiful blonde looks. 

How do you find inspiration today?

I find a lot of my inspiration in my own salon with the younger talent. They are always very motivated and hungry to create their best work in the salon chair. I also follow a few of my colorist friends in Brazil that keep me inspired me with their sun-kissed looks. 

(Image via Instagram)

What products can we always find in your kit?

In my color cabinet, you will always find my Schwarzkopf BlondMe lightener lifts to maximum levels. After every color application, I follow up with Bond Angel Plex Effect by BRAÉ to ensure that the hair keeps its integrity and luminosity. Part one of Bond Angel gets mixed into the bleaching powder and the second part is a treatment that is placed directly onto the hair. No one should ever leave a salon without this, as it protects the hair fibers and preserves color! 

Can you tell us about your salons in Los Angeles and Miami?

Alen M Salon in Los Angeles was my first salon, and it is located in West Hollywood nestled behind the business of Melrose Avenue past a gorgeous courtyard. The Miami location can be found in the prestigious Miami Design District where our culture and music come together. It’s located on the second floor overlooking the palm court. 

(Image via Instagram)

Do you have any advice for aspiring colorists?

My advice for anyone who’s looking to get into the hair coloring business is to train with someone whose work you’re passionate about. Pay close attention to details, tones, and placement of color. 

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