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MANE MASTER: Charlie Price

Charlie Price Dallas Hairstylist

Upon seeing the flawless hair that floods Charlie Price’s Instagram feed, you would be surprised to find out that his work hails out of a salon in Dallas, Texas. So it’s no surprise to find out that the stylist opened up his namesake salon where his signature techniques could flourish. Painting the southwest with gorgeous hair one head at a time, Charlie has built a loyal cult following both on social media and behind the chair. If you’ve ever aspired to be the best stylist in your city, look for inspiration no further than Mane Master, Charlie Price.

Zero Maintenance Hair Color by Charlie Price Dallas Texas

How did you get your start in the industry?

I started working in a small barbershop in Pittsburgh PA where I am from. After finding a passion for woman’s hairdressing I worked alongside the late Micky Lanzino, who groomed me to work with Sassoon and Redken for many years in NYC.

What was your biggest career challenge?

I would say my largest career challenge was also the largest attribute to my career; I am a behind the chair hairdresser and we cater to a book of business that is retention based. My choice to move from a massive book of clients to Dallas, Texas where no one knew me was frightening, especially when I could not find a salon to work at. After teaching for several months in Dallas salons, I chose to open Hair By Charlie. With only an 8th grade education this was difficult, but very rewarding. I now have my own salon that I call my 2nd home and I enjoy being there behind the chair everyday.

charlie price hair quote

Who are some role models who have inspired you?

I think my role models have continued to change as I keep growing as a person and a hairdresser; however one whom stays constant is my mother. As a single parent to 3 children she taught me the life lesson of hard work and never giving up. Although I own a salon, I still want nothing more to be behind the chair 12 -14 hours a day grinding away.. I enjoy it!!

What is your favorite mobile app?

My favorite app has to be my music apps Soundcloud and Spotify. My girlfriend is a dancer so I am always trying to one up her on a new track. Music is my fuel behind the chair and in the salon as well.

Charlie Price Hair Dallas Texas

How would you describe your signature style?

Lately I have been gaining a lot of new business because of social media. My booker has me soooo busy in Dallas that I was not taking new clients for about a year and a half.

Now that we are booking new clients, I needed to promote looks that required very little maintenance, since I could not pre-book the clients every 6 weeks for maintenance [because my schedule is already so booked]. I had a couple clients start promoting the hashtag on my Instagram #zeromaintenancehaircolor which has caught on quite well. That being said I push my team to see how long we can go without seeing that client for their next service. 

What was the last big hair makeover you did?

I promote change to my clients often, so I do quite a bit of makeovers on a daily basis. Your hair is an accessory you wear everyday, so it has to change with you. If I I’m inspired by a look for a client I am going to push it.

Zero Maintenance Hair Color by Charlie Price Dallas Texas

What products and tools do you swear by?

I don’t feel like I can do my job without Sachajuan Ocean Mist and Volume Powder. Both promote very soft texture.

I hardly do anything without my 1 1/4 inch marcel curling iron.

What is your favorite Instagram account to follow?

Instagram as a whole has been a dynamic source of inspiration for me. As a creative, I am inspired by visual content, not by words. That being said, I can get sucked into the Instagram abyss that influences so much of my life today. To limit to one handle does my mentors and peers no justice. Every handle I follow has something to give me.

Zero Maintenance Hair Color by Charlie Price Dallas Texas

What was the best piece of advice you received?

Best advice was given was to “never forget where you came from.” No matter how busy I am or how many clients I cater to in a day, I never forget my days as a assistant and how I got to where I am today. I always will tear a box of foils or pick up the broom. But now, if I do have to shampoo a client my assistants pass out garbage bags to other guests of the salon to use as ponchos because I will indeed lose hold of the faucet.

What advice would you give new stylists just starting out?

My advice for a young stylist is to find a mentor, not just a job. When you find that person hold on tight because you are going to have to do the same things he/she did to get to where they are today. This business has granted me some amazing material things and opportunities, but the most amazing thing that ANY talented and successful hairdresser will tell you is that we never have to work a day in our lives.

Zero Maintenance Hair Color by Charlie Price Dallas Texas

Be sure to follow @hairbycharlie and #zeromaintenancehaircolor for more #manespiration.

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