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Mane Master: Garrett Markenson

Garrett Markenson

When you hear the word innovation, what comes to mind? For most, it’s something novel – a new idea, a new product, a new way of thinking. It’s a breakthrough. When it comes to taking an innovative approach to our manes, Garrett Markenson is the guy. Garrett is the owner of Coiffure Salon in Santa Clarita, CA and founder of hair care line Reverie, whose products focus on purposeful results using all natural, organic ingredients. To no surprise, he recently received Refinery 29’s Beauty Innovator Award for Reverie’s styling cream MILK, and somewhere in the midst of launching his new, restorative shampoo and conditioner NUDE, he managed to sit down and talk to us about what’s disrupting the beauty industry today and what we can expect from him next (don’t worry – your secret’s safe with us, GM!). 

Between articulately manufacturing products such as his much talked about serum, CAKE (which uses swiss apple stem cells to stimulate the scalp and result in thicker, smoother, healthier manes), to a carefully crafted cut and color in a beautifully curated salon experience, let’s just say… when it comes to an innovative approach to hair care, Mane Master Garrett Markenson truly takes the cake. 

How did you get your start in the industry?

I was studying art in Florence, Italy and I met an incredible hairdresser, Gianni at International Studio Hair, that inspired me to learn the craft.

What was one of your biggest career challenges and how did you overcome it?

Coming to terms with being proud to call myself a hairdresser.  It took me some time to really believe in myself as a hairdresser.  It helped to meet like-minded people along the way that I could identify with. I needed to find my tribe. 


Who are some role models who have inspired you?

Traci Sakosits, Tim Hartley, my mom, Kim Gordon, Fran Lewbewtiz.

What app do you use the most?

STX, Mr. Porter, Instagram, Hotels Tonight 

Do you have a signature look or style that you are known for?

Intimate craftsmanship.  

Garrett Markenson Quote

What was your last major makeover that you’ve done?

Moving and expanding my salon, and wearing more white.

Which hair products or tools are always in your kit?

GHD irons, YS park combs and brushes, a custom pair of matte black scissors from Mizutani, Gold Janake brushes.  Reverie MILK!!

What is your favorite Instagram account to follow? 

@sunniebrook, @ramieztransalon, @ejhagen for hair. Others are… @theacademynewyork, @le21eme, @itsalrightwerealright


What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago?

Invest in Apple. 

What is the best piece of advice you’ve received? What advice would you give to new stylists?

Take a step back and see another perspective.  You might be too close to your work.  To be modern and successful you need to be able to learn, unlearn, and relearn. 

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