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Mane Master: Kiyah Wright

Kiyah Wright is one of the most celebrated and respected women in the beauty industry. Having transformed the images of countless celebs, Wright is known as an image maker in Hollywood. With work appearing in prominent publications such as Vogue, Essence, Glamour, Elle and Vanity Fair, and a celebrity roster that includes Gabrielle Union, Jennifer Hudson, Tyra Banks, Iman, and Kerry Washington, Wright still manages to find the time to work out of her own private studio in Los Angles called Muze. We had a chance to chat with Wright about her career and the success and struggles that come along the way.

kiyah wright

How did you get your start in the industry?

My start in the industry began when my mother put me in hair school while in high school. I took up cosmetology as a trade. Then I went to work in a really popular salon in DC with a few amazing creative bunch of guys.


What was one of your biggest career challenges and how did you overcome it? 

I think my biggest challenge is balancing the salon, celebrities, building my own brand, a product line, and a Clairol Professional schedule. This is a constant challenge for me but with time I have learned that I am doing my best and that’s all I owe the world 🙂 At first it bothered me a lot but now I give everyone a little love- from the clients to the celebrities.

twisted pony tail by kiyah wright

Who are some role models who have inspired you?

I would say Tyra banks has been the most inspiring client that I have ever worked with because she is really a hard-worker, yet still so balanced and normal. She is nice and productive. Sometimes it’s hard to be all those things and for that I admire her. 

Do you have a signature look or style that you are known for?

I think my looks are pretty detailed (sometimes too detailed, lol). However, my work is pretty broad across the board and I don’t think I really have one signature look.

 kiyah wright jennifer hudson

Which hair products or tools are always in your kit?

In my kit I must-have my Le Angelique 1in and 2in flat iron. It’s rounded bevel plates can get close to the roots, straighten and curl hair and I use it for all those reasons. Also, a Tancho stick, hairpins and the Clairol Professional Heat Resistant Hairspray. I can do everything with those few products. 


What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago? 

I have always followed my intuition so this is a hard one for me because after losing my mom, I have always had good timing with life choices.


What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?

Best piece of advice I received was from Puffy aka P. Diddy, he told me to stay focused and not to get too relaxed at work.  

What advice would you give to new stylists?

My advice for new stylists is find your niche, keep current with the trends and always try to work with people that are better than you.

kiyah wright change your hair

What is the next chapter for you?

My next chapter has already began. My goal has always been to become the Paul Mitchell of textured hair care because in our culture there really isn’t someone that represents our market..Muze|hair by Kiyah Wright is my brand.


How would you describe your beauty and hair philosophy? 

My beauty and hair philosophy is I believe when you change your hair; you change your life.

long pony by kiyah wright

Be sure to follow @kiyahwright1 for more #manespiration.

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