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MANE MASTER: Laini Reeves

Laini Reeves Behind the Scenes Mane Addicts

Starting her career in London, Laini Reeves worked at all the top salons until she was named Creative Director of Toni and Guy Hairdressing. Her position with the worldwide company eventually landed her in Los Angeles, where she worked to develop and elevate the brand and company. Since moving to LA, her success has soared as she’s worked with nearly every trendsetting celeb and created the most iconic looks on the covers of nearly every covetable fashion magazine. Take a look below to catch a glimpse of her work and learn a thing or two about this #manemaster.


How did you get your start in the industry?

I was living in Birmingham, England and the government was offering paid apprenticeships at the time. I was offered an apprenticeship to the legendary Raymond Bessone, who mentored Vidal Sassoon!


What was one of your biggest career challenges and how did you overcome it?

Moving to America. There was no real street inspiration in Los Angeles (circa 2004) like in London. In London you can go anywhere and people watch. Everyone had/has their own style; good, bad, creative, sexy, and cool. I decided I had to get very creative and dig down deep inside myself to find a new way to get inspired.  sarah-paulson-hair-by-laini-reeves

Who are some role models who have inspired you?

Eugene Souleiman,  Anthony Mascola, and Trevor Sharp.


Do you have a signature look or style that you are known for?

I like to do very natural, undone haircuts and hairstyles. I can dress you up or dress you down, but you will never look overdone.  emily-blunt-photoshoot-for-the-guardian-2014_3

What was your last major makeover that you’ve done?

I cut Emily Blunt’s hair recently from mid length to a bob. 


Which hair products or tools are always in your kit?


What is your favorite Instagram account to follow? 




What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago?

Save your money!


What is the best piece of advice you’ve received? What advice would you give to new stylists?

Get out of Birmingham. Surround yourself with inspiring and creative people in and out of your industry. 


What is the next chapter for you?

You will be the first to know in 2017!!


Be sure to follow @laini_reeves for more #manespiration.

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