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MANE MASTER: Leanne Citrone Co-Owner of Andy Lecompte


Meet the woman behind one of LA’s hottest salons. Co-owner with Andy Lecompte himself, you’ll find Leanne Citrone inside the chic gem nestled behind Jenni Kayne and right off Melrose Avenue, at Andy Lecompte Salon. If you were to peek your head inside the salon on any given day, you’d see Citrone’s clients leaving the salon beautiful, glamourous, and happy all without a sweat. We had a chance to talk to Citrone about her career and get a glimpse behind the hairspray. See what she had to say below…

How did you get your start in the industry?

Born in England, I’m a fourth-generation hair stylist. My father owned a salon, so from an early age I spent a lot of time there. I would organize the perm rods by color and help at the front desk. Going to beauty school seemed like a natural progression. After I got out of school I started working at my dad’s salon, ultimately running it. Then fate stepped in; I fell in love with a guy who lived on the west coast, moved to LA & got my dream job! The rest, as they say is history….


What was one of your biggest career challenges and how did you overcome it?
One of my biggest career challenges was having kids. Learning to balance the art of motherhood with having a vibrant career was challenging in the process yet continues to be ultimately rewarding.


Which hair products or tools are always in your kit?

I’m in love with my Japanese Zuiun shears. My go-to styling products are Eclat Naturel by Leonor Greyl, Easy.Rider by Kevin Murphy, and Phyto’s Matte Texturizing Paste. For hair spray I always have the ever-popular Elnett by L’Oreal.


Who are some role models who have inspired you?

My business partner Andy Lecompte who inspires me every day with his tireless work ethic and creativity. He has more energy than anyone I know and is supportive and loving. My good friend Chris McMillan is such an inspiration to me, he is so passionate and loving, he taught me so much and has such a positive outlook on life. In addition, Jen Atkin, who is the only woman I know who can balance everything with effortless ease!!

What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago or what was the best piece of advice you received?

Andy told me years ago: “You’re not the first person to do someone’s hair, and you’re not the last.”


How would you describe your beauty and hair philosophy?

I like when hair looks effortless. I love simple, elegant, well cut hair, with color that is beautiful.


See just how Citrone manages to balance it all on her Instagram, @leannecitrone.

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