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MANE MASTER: Toni Chavez

Toni Chavez

If you’ve ever flipped through a magazine, chances are you’ve admired the work of Toni Chavez without even knowing it. Having styled the manes of the hottest celebs and created beautiful editorial spreads, Toni remains tastefully under the radar, though we have no clue why. Toni’s work speaks volumes, telling a story with the composition in the photo. Whether voluminous or sleek, his work is powerful. Keep reading to learn more about this #manemaster.

Glamorous Brunette Medium Waves Toni Chavez

How did you get your start in the industry?

I’d been a salon hairstylist for years and always wanted to work on sets and have my work in magazines, so I just started assisting local LA hairdressers. My heart was always in fashion, so I feel I really got started when I started assisting hairstylists from NY & Europe. I’ve assisted Guido Palau, Damien Boissinot, Jimmy Paul, Shay Ashual but everything really changed when I started going to Paris to work on the shows with Luigi Murenu. To work at that level was not only career changing but it changes how view your work.  

What was one of your biggest career challenges and how did you overcome it?

I don’t like to admit this, but my biggest career challenge was confidence. I’ve always loved doing hair and felt I had a natural talent for it, but things became different when I was suddenly working with the people I’d been admiring for years. It was hard not to question myself, whether I was doing the right thing or not.

This sounds cheesy, but I read a book called The Confidence Plan and did the exercises. It really helped a lot. I’ve also found meditation has helped tremendously with my sense of self and ultimately, trusting myself.

Toni Chavez Quote copy

Which hair products are always in your tool kit?

What advice would you have given yourself 10 years ago or what the best advice you received?

Best advice was from Luigi, he said “Never give up. When the hair isn’t working, keep working it until it works.” So simple but so very important.

Ten years ago, I would advised myself to relax and not take things so seriously. At times things are very serious but there should always be an element of fun.

Windy Hair Flip Toni Chavez

How would you describe your beauty and hair philosophy?

I love natural uncontrived hair that doesn’t look too overworked. There should be an element to it that still adds fantasy, it should be fantastic but I don’t like hair when its too perfect or forced into shapes. Some of the most beautiful things about hair are texture and movement and I love to see that.  It gets creative when you find new shapes or ways to deliver that.

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