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The History of Balmain Hair Products

When you think of Balmain today, what (most likely) comes to mind are the strong sexy designs that exemplify the woman wearing them.  However, in recent times a new hair line was launched posing two questions; how did this come about and can we get ahold of every last product… (insert vision of Balmain filled counter that adds so much chic to your morning #mirrorselfie)

Cut to Paris Fashion Week 2015…

Fresh off the plane and in a mad rush to make it in time for the Balmain show, I head to the Grand Hotel to meet with Balmain Hair Couture Creative Director, Richard Guilker.  With a quick hello we entered the packed ballroom and I anxiously awaited the hair collection.  Within moments the lights were dimmed, music pulsed, and models began to fill the room.  Sleek hair, blunt ends, and a deep side part complimented the clothing… before I could capture another hyperlapse the show had ended.  After a brief moment backstage (where the likes of Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Karlie Kloss were quickly prepping an escape to their next show) I sat down with Richard Guliker and his brother Steward.   It was then that I gained priceless and awe-inspiring information that many of you may not know; allow me to share.

When did Balmain Hair originally start?



How did Pierre Balmain find your parents?

In the 60’s, 70’s wigs we’re fashion, Christian Dior and Pierre Cardin had wig lines. When Pierre Balmain wanted to create his own wig line, his hair dresser knew about my father. My father (Dick Guliker) was a wig maker, developing wigs and hairpieces, tails, half wigs etc. and my mom (Tony Guliker) was a coupeuse aka: a tailor. So via his hairdresser, Pierre Balmain got in contact.

Describe to us the wig making and extensions.
The now known standard in wigs: mono top wig (hand tied wig), the lace front PU base hairpieces are all Balmain inventions. All inventions to create the most natural hair additions. When time passed wigs got out of fashion. Hair additions became smaller and less invisible. In extensions you see this striving for natural and beautiful looking hair just like back in the days, in the color shades, and in the beautiful hand crafted products; like f.e DoubleHairs and Système Volume systems and the new ponytails.

What is the inspiration behind starting a full haircare and styling line?
Our backstage inspirations during the Balmain shows and all other shows on fashion week. It’s logical to have next to our session hair, a session styling and care line. We only work with the bare essentials as hairdresser don’t need boxes full of hair supplies.


What can we expect from Balmain haircare in the future?
It will always be and stay a line made by hairdressers for hairdressers. Meaning it is a logic line with the essentials to create fabulous hair and of course supported with by a great fashion house.  Because of the Balmain name the consumers will know that they will have the best products in their bathroom used by hair dressers and stylists.


 To keep up to date with this fashion house of hair, be sure to follow BALMAIN HAIR COUTURE on instagram.

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