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Why We’re Obsessed With Anna Wintour’s Iconic Bob

While best known as the editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, Anna Wintour is one of the most influential women in fashion. Seen in the front row of every major fashion show in London, Milan, New York and Paris, Wintour is recognized by her oversized sunglasses and iconic, pageboy power bob. Cut chin length, her hair is styled sleek, straight, and slightly curved in to define her features. With a blunt fringe just above her eyebrows, she has sported this chic and classic bob since the age of 14.


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And the man behind the bob: Charlie Chan.

Charlie Chan has been with Michaeljohn Salon in Mayfair, London for 30 years. As the creative director, he is known as one of the most talented hairdressers in London, recognized for his precision cutting and perfectly finished hair. His clientele consists of international fashion royalty and Hollywood’s A-list celebrities.

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