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Ashley Tisdale isn’t your run of the mill girl. With a spunky attitude and spot on sense of humor, she radiates the room she walks into. With an up and coming lifestyle site (The Haute Mess) and her new role as a hairdresser on TBS’s Clipped, it only made sense we enlist blonde beauty Ashley Tisdale as our Mane Muse.

So with a recommendation from Ashley’s gal pal Sarah Hyland, we enlisted Mane Master Ryan Richman to make some magic happen on her strands.

Mane Muse Ashley Tisdale faux fringe blunt bang ryan richman

And magic indeed happened. Ashley’s hair is long and beautiful, so for the first look of the day, Ryan played off her natural texture by adding a super heavy faux fringe. “Faux bangs are my favorite way to change a look up quickly for editorial looks. There are a few different types of bang pieces, the two I use most often are either a V shaped bang piece or a blunt bang piece. The V shaped bang is a small piece in the shape of a v that conforms to your head shape and blends in easily with your own hairline. This is great for adding a soft grown out look. The blunt bang is a straight bold cut along the forehead with an extended strip that clips on top of your natural part. The key to both is a perfect color match and a proper cut to make them look like your own. The clip in bang is great for people to use at home but should be customized by your hairstylist to suit your haircut.”

So should you cut your bangs at home? Ryan says no, but for her new role in Clipped, Ashley had to actually learn how to cut hair. “It has been so much fun for me because I love hair, so it’s kind of epic to end up on a show to play one. I had no idea how much goes into doing a haircut- it is insane! I didn’t know about angles and head shapes, there’s so much that can go wrong! The extras on the show actually let us cut their hair- so I do men’s and woman’s cuts… [and] I do have to say I’m really good at cutting bangs!”

Mane Muse Ashley Tisdale Ryan Richman

For the second look, the faux fringe was removed and ultra long extensions were added for fantasy like length. “I’ve been a huge fan of architecture my whole life so I love hard lines, shapes, and symmetry; and I draw a lot of inspiration from that,” says Ryan. While you may not want to add in such long extensions every day, an ultra straight look is something easy to recreate on second or third day hair, especially with Ashley’s signature smoothing product cocktail:

Mane Muse Ashley Tisdale Ryan Richman Braids

The third look was braided and windswept. With Ryan’s arsenal of Sexy Hair products, (Big Sexy Hair Flip It Over Texture Spray – “for the quickest way to and volume and fullness to your look, flip it over and spray, adding texture and body without weighing the hair down,” and Big Sexy Hair Weather Proof Humidity Resistant Spray – “my must have for Coachella and moving forward into the warmer months. It creates a shield of protection against humidity to protect curls and blowouts from collapsing due to climate conditions”),  Ashley’s hair was transformed from flat and straight to voluminous and textured. Ryan added a fishtail braid on both sides of the nape of her neck and drew them forward for more a varied composition, roughing and scrunching her hair as they shot.

Mane Muse Ashley Tisdale braids ryan richman

For the final look, tons of braids were added in- from the average three strand to fishtails of varying widths and sizes, Ashley’s hair became a canvas for the dreamy festival goer. Starting with just a few woven strands, Ryan jumped in between shots to add in more. “Editorial shoots always start with basic concept and evolve throughout the day, often times into something completely different. I believe my work comes across much more effortless and beautiful when I’m pressed for time than when I sit and think about a look too long,” Ryan explains.

Mane Muse Ashley Tisdale

Though Ryan and Ashley had never worked together before, the collaboration and chemistry between the two was unmatched. “Ashley came in with an amazing attitude and gave us free will to have fun and to make her feel beautiful. She has been someone I’ve been interested in working with for years and I hope we get to do it again soon.”

If you want to see more from Ashley you have to check out her upcoming website, The Haute Mess, which she explains is “launching soon and is a super fun lifestyle blog that is not just about me, but about everything I’m into. It’s a platform for other bloggers to share their styles and story. A lot of blogs try to tell people how to be ‘perfect’ and this is more about embracing the haute mess in all of us.”



Photographer: Mike Rosenthal @mrmikerosenthal

Hair: Ryan Richman @ryanrichman

Makeup: Allan Avendaño @allanface

Wardrobe: Chloe and Mary Lou Bartoli @bartolistyle

Nails: Debbie Leavitt @debbiedoesnails

Art Direction: Desirae Cherie @desiraecherie

Produced by: Andrea Berk @aaahndrea

Story by: Justine Marjan @justinemarjan

2 minutes

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