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Mane Muse Camila Coelho on Career Advice, Coconut Oil and Starting Her Own Company

Name a more powerful player in the digital sphere than influencer slash vlogger Camila Coelho. We’ll wait. *crickets* With a knack for satiating every content craving imaginable—be it hair, fashion, fitspo, wanderlust—and displaying gratitude wherever she goes around the globe, it’s no wonder the Brazilian babe boasts over 7 million Instagram followers (plus half that number across her two YouTube channels). On a recent trip to Dubai, where Camila was shooting for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, we rounded up our Editor in Chief Jen Atkin, her work wife and celebrity makeup artist Mary Phillips, and photographer Mike Rosenthal, for the making of a major muse moment starring Camila, complete with high-powered meets high-glam hairstyles. Meanwhile, we got to know the girl who never passes up a good flat lay, faux fringe or a fierce fashion moment. Feast your eyes on the fire photos that ensued while reading our interview with Camila in which she shares the essentials of starting a YouTube channel, her shiny DIY hair hack, advice to budding female entrepreneurs, and more, ahead.

Mane Addicts Mane Muse Camila Coelho bangs faux fringe shiny hair Jen Atkin

You have a whopping 4.5 million subscribers across your English and Portuguese YouTube channels. SO major! What are a few things that a first-time beauty vlogger needs to get their YouTube started?

Don’t think that you have to be super professional, especially with editing. These days,”real life/unfiltered content” becomes much more natural and engaging to viewers, but GOOD LIGHTING is a MUST! People want to see a beautiful image, details of the makeup/hair or clothes you are showing them (and it will make you look amazing)! So filming with a ring light in front of a window (with natural light) is my favorite for makeup tutorials. When shooting other types of videos, I keep the ring light for the face and two soft boxes on the sides for the background light. 

These days you can even film with your iPhone. A lot of my vlogs are done with it, and it looks great. About content, it’s all about finding what you truly love to talk about, and be authentic, be yourself, because content similar to yours people will be able to find (in this saturated social media world) but there will never be someone like YOU, because each one of us is unique and that’s how we stand out!  

What did you want to be when you were growing up, and what were you doing job-wise before you started YouTube?

I always wanted to be on the artistic side of the world. I remember wanting to be a painter, a dancer, even part of a band (I played drums for a while haha), but I always knew I loved BEAUTY! Making my story a bit short, I was working as a makeup artist when I got into YouTube, seven years ago! This was when no one knew or believed how strong social media was about to become. 

In one of your Instagram captions you wrote, “The most important thing I’ve learned about business over the years is that I am capable of handling difficult situations and that I am my own greatest advocate…” As a successful businesswoman, what three career tips would you give to budding female entrepreneurs?

  1. Believe in yourself
  2. Whatever you decide to do, do it 100%, give your all and your best!
  3. Don’t be afraid of failure, you will learn from it!

Mane Addicts Mane Muse Camila Coelho bangs faux fringe shiny hair Jen Atkin

Your mane is extra lush and always gives us hair envy so we must know: What’s your secret to keeping it healthy and shiny?

I’ve never dyed my hair before, so it helps a little. Given I’m always using heated tools on my hair (and changing it a thousand times at shoots) I try to do home masks and professional treatments to keep it looking shiny and healthy. Using the right products on every day helps a lot too. I am constantly using hair oils on the ends of my hair, the OUAI one is amazing!  

Do you utilize any DIY treatment hair masks?

For me, the best DIY is the simplest one—coconut oil! You basically get a pot of virgin organic coconut oil and apply on the ends of your hair, in small sections while massaging each section. Do this on dry hair before washing. You can leave it on for about two hours (the longer, the better—put it into a little bun and go workout, run errands, etc.) and once you wash it out, your hair will be so smooth and shiny like you won’t believe! 

Where or how did you learn how to do your hair?

I’ve always believed that girls should know how to do their own hair and makeup, at least the basic, in case of emergencies. Today, getting my hair done by so many AMAZING professionals is a dream, but I am always asking questions and paying attention to what they are doing. I am the kind that tries it at home – the first time Jen Atkin put bangs on me I was obsessed and I ended up doing it myself one day when I didn’t have her around!

Who cuts and colors your hair?

The amazing Jen Atkin cuts my hair! I hope you guys know who she is 🙂

Mane Addicts Mane Muse Camila Coelho bangs faux fringe shiny hair Jen Atkin

Do you have a favorite salon in the US and/or Brazil?

Since I am always on the go, I usually end up doing hair at hotel rooms, around the world, but when I am back home in Boston, I usually go to Salon Capri at Newbury Street to get treatments! If you are ever in São Paulo Brazil, a must-visit Salon is Salao do Pro (Marcos Proença – one of the best professionals in the country)!

What are the hair essentials you never travel without?

A deep conditioning hair mask, my dry shampoo, wave spray, and texturizing spray! For tools: Curling iron and a good brush!  

Break down your signature hair routine for us.

After I got a long bob I’ve been loving my hair straight. So what I do is, once my hair is washed (not too attached to any shampoos and conditioners, but I do a deep conditioning mask every other day that I wash it, to keep it hydrated), on hair wet I like to: Apply Kérastase L’incroyable Blowdry Heat Lotion which makes my hair super soft, thicker and more controlled; OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray on the roots for volume; and a bit of OUAI Hair Oil on the ends to keep it shining!

You started out makeup vlogging, but you’ve also become a total fashion icon! Can you tell us about the creative process while designing your collection with Carol Bassi?

I always say that beauty/makeup makes me feel beautiful and fashion makes me feel strong, powerful, and I feel so blessed that my followers love to see me talking about both! When I do a collaboration with a brand, it’s very important for me to be 100% involved in the process of the collection, it needs to speak to my style as well as the DNA of the brand. So with Carol Bassi, for example, it took a bit over one year to complete the collection – approving styles, shapes, fabrics etc. At the end, it’s your little baby, and this one made me so proud! 

Are there any vintage stores you’ve come across during your travels that you recommend?

I would like to visit vintage stores more often, but one of my favorite ones was Valois Vintage Paris on Rue des Saussaies in Paris! 

Mane Addicts Mane Muse Camila Coelho bangs faux fringe shiny hair Jen Atkin

Describe what a typical Saturday night in looks like for you when you’re not traveling.

With my hubby, wearing cozy pajamas, eating our favorite takeout, and watching Netflix. Such a dream!

You also give us major fitspo! Are there any sports or specific workouts you love doing?

Abs and butt workouts are my favorite, and the best part of that you can work those muscles anywhere you are, especially hotel rooms haha. Love squats, lunges and quadruped hip extensions are my fav!

What are five items we would find in your purse right now? 

On small bag days, I always carry:

Do you have plans to create your own makeup line, haircare line or fashion line? If so, when can we expect it?

YESSSSSSSSS! Can’t reveal much, but expect something next year❤

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Photographer + Creative Director: Mike Rosenthal | Hair: Jen Atkin | Makeup: Mary Phillips | Styling: Keanoush Da Rosa

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