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MANE MUSE: Erin Wasson

Mane Muse Erin Wasson

We don’t know if there’s a girl who embodies ‘cool girl hair’ better than Erin Wasson. That might be because this model/actress/stylist/designer embodies just what it means to be a ‘cool girl,’ both in style and personality. Her hair is effortless, wavy, and with just the right amount of sunkissed blonde.

The Coveteur got a sneek peek into her hair routine, in which Wasson admits, “I’m just using Biolage. That’s all I need. I don’t even shampoo my hair. Unless I’m working and they put all the crap in my hair, I do not believe in stripping your hair of all the oils…I’ll get in the ocean and a little bit of salt will be left over, and then I’ll condition it and then it’s done. Maybe some oil—a hairdresser gave me this hair serum, Rose Veil. It’s like Moroccanoil, but it smells like rose. It’s kind of intoxicating. Or sometimes I’ll use Kérestase Fiber Architecte if it feels damaged.”

While we all may not be able to take a morning dip in the ocean, we can fake fresh out of the ocean hair with the right sea salt spray.

Our favorites include…

If you’ve got naturally curly strands, we suggest taking a cue from Wasson and skipping the shampoo [at least most of the time]. Curly hair is already dry and dehydrated, and shampoo can often bee too stripping. Using a hydrating conditioner is enough to pull out any debris and buildup on the hair while restoring softness on the ends. For more about what conditioner is right for you, check out our favorite Hair Masks to Combat Harsh Weather.



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