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MANE MUSE: Hailey Baldwin

We don’t know if it’s the way she channels the 90’s so effortlessly or if it’s because she’s mastered the perfect hair flip, but we’re crushing hard over Hailey Baldwin’s covetable style. Whether she’s the star of a clothing’s campaign, walking the catwalk during fashion week, or on the cover of a magazine, this fresh face is taking the world by storm, and we can see why. At only 18 years old, Hailey already has a unique and well defined image.

To channel Baldwin’s casual grunge style, we’ve gathered some step by step styling tips…

1. Use a small amount of Leonor Greyl Anti Frizz serum on damp locks.

2. Mist strands generously with Not Your Mother’s Sea Salt Spray.

3. Let locks air dry with a middle part, or use a Mason Pearson brush to blowdry.

4. When hair is 100% dry, rub a small amount of Osmo Clay wax through hands and fingertips, then sandwich hair from one side of the head between palms and rubs them together, then repeat on the opposite side.

5. Use remaining product on hands to massage the scalp, building lift at the root.

6. Run hands back, creating a side flip, and viola, you’re one step closer to Baldwin glam.

2 minutes

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