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With episodes full of babe worthy hair flips and meticulous mane moments, we knew Teen Wolf’s Hollan Roden had to our Mane Muse. Holland plays Lydia, the captivating red head on the MTV hit series, and when we first saw her long full mane, it was love at first sight.

We didn’t know it at the time, but Holland’s go-to hair and makeup guru is Elle Leary. Yes, that’s right- she does hair and makeup. In world where everyone specializes, it’s hard to find someone who exceeds at both, but this girl can do wonders (not that Holland needs it). So with Andrew Stiles behind the camera, we set out to make some magic happen.

Holland Roden Mane Addicts

Holland’s first look captured her effortless quality. Her hair was light and airy with waves that evoked a cotton candy like essence. “We definitely wanted her looks to evolve over the course of the day and we wanted every look to be different. So I took what I knew she would enjoy and turned it up a couple notches- they’re things we would do on the red carpet but we took more chances. I also wanted to play with things we’ve never done- like the shape of the eye and the way we placed color; it’s all art,” says Elle as she reflected on the day.

Holland met Elle at Comicon a few years ago explaining, “MTV hired her to do my hair and makeup. We met in a very fancy green room. I love Elle because she can do hair and makeup and she does them both very well! She really does 100% in both, which is so hard to find. Her personality is amazing, she’s mastered the casual chic look, and she’s so attentive to her clients. She’s my go-to girl.”

Holland Roden Mane Addicts

The second look of the day was all about edge. Elle evoked androgyny with Holland’s locks by attaching a clip-in bang piece. “Bang pieces are awesome because you don’t have to commit to anything. I don’t know if you’ve ever cut your bangs and you love them the first two days, then right after you’re like, ‘ugh why did I do that?’ That’s what makes a bang piece so awesome! You can also leave it long or cut it short, like experimenting with the super short micro bang we did today. There’s no commitment and you can take it out!”

Holland Roden Mane Addicts

And just like that, Holland’s bang piece was removed, her hair was diffused and natural loose curls were flipped to the side- something not so different from how you’ll see her in season 5’s premiere of Teen Wolf (if you’ve caught any of the trailers!). Holland admits that, “with Lydia there are always mane moments! As far as what to expect from season 5, Lydia is a ninja this season- which is new for her. She’s right up in the action with the boys. I’ve been watching a lot of tai kwon do videos in preparation for it all!”

“I love that Holland is up for anything. She’s fashion forward and has a modern approach to everything- it really gives me the freedom to just play. Whether the focus is on super simple, natural great skin or even something more extreme like the metallic look we did today she’s just like ‘Yes! Cool! I’m game, lets do it!’ It’s so nice as an artist to be able to work with someone that doesn’t have a lot of parameters,” says Elle as she paired Holland’s metallic eye with ultra sleek strands.

Holland Roden Mane Addicts

This was Holland’s badass bond girl moment. With a strong center part, ultra smooth strands, and hair that was brushed off the shoulders, Holland’s features really popped- yes we’re talking about those gorgeous full lips and big green eyes. If you’re wondering what Elle used to get her strands so perfectly smooth, it was a combination of Bumble and bumble Tonic Lotion and Euphora Shine Mist. She loves Euphora, “because all their products are green and animal friendly and they have the least harmful ingredients in them.” Wondering what other products she loves? “Euphora hairspray and texturzing spray. The texturing spray is beeeaauuutiful! Some sprays leave the hair too dirty and this just gives it great body. Oh- and I love Nightrider by Kevin Murphy. It’s a great pomade for girls and guys.”


If you’re curious what Holland uses when she’s not with Elle, you may not be surprised to find that she also opts for the green and natural options. “I’m a big fan of Davines products. I love Davines shampoo. My hair tangles easily and their shampoo really helps smooth my hair. I also love Davines Oil. It’s incredible! You can use it if there’s any frizz in the hair or as a leave in conditioner. I have to say that I love it so much it’s now transferred to my entire body! I use it on my arms and legs mixed with lotion.” And to style? “If I’m going out with friends it’s all about the Numi wand to create a curl! I love using the Redken Force 23. It’s a great hairspray that doesn’t leave any residue and holds a style for 2-3 days. It’s the only one that works for me!”


Experimenting with a mane like Holland’s was as fun as it looks- but don’t expect Holland to be walking down the street with mini micro bangs any time soon- the girl is all about low maintenance. “My go to style is usually not styled! I usually wear it up or in a top knot! It’s the easiest way to make it look presentable.”

Do you have a favorite look from Holland’s #manemuse spread? Sound off in the comments!

Photographer: Andrew Stiles @andrewstiles

Hair and Makeup: Elle Leary @ellelearyartistry

Stylist: Karen Raphael @karenraphael

Nails: Whitney Gibson @whitneygnails

Producer: Andrea Berk @aaahndrea

Art Direction: Desirae Cherie @desiraecherie

Written by: Justine Marjan @justinemarjan

2 minutes

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