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Mane Muse Jordyn Woods

She’s walked in Christian Siriano’s Lane Bryant collection, she’s been featured in campaigns like Lovesick and Addition Elle, she’s collaborating with Boohoo to launch her first fashion collection (a size-inclusive line), she’s shot with Galore and Complex, and she’s signed with Wilhelmina models; is there anything Jordyn Woods can’t do?! We’ve been drooling over her long blonde strands for months, but when Larry Sims planted a seed that we shoot Jordyn with dark, sultry strands, we knew magic would ensue.

“The whole theme of the shoot was luscious, textured and tousled tresses,” says Larry who also slayed Zendaya‘s strands. So though Jordyn is by all means a cool girl, we wanted to give her strands some length, shine, and girly twist.

Jordyn Woods Long Waves by Larry Sims

“This particular look, the seasick waves, was our version of Old Hollywood waves on steroids,” explains Larry. “We started by creating a deep side part over the right eyebrow. We took a nickel-sized, one-fourth inch curling barrel and wrapped it around her hair starting at the root to the tip, in the same direction, making sure the ends of the hair were in the curling barrel. After curling the whole head, we took a Mason Pearson Brush and starting at the nape of the neck, brushed the set down to create synchronized waves. From there, I took a large tooth bone comb and combed the set from her face and pushed it forward with my hands to create that over-the-eye Jessica Rabbit-esque finish. I took a dime-sized amount of Smooth ‘N Shine’s Polishing Serum then went over the waves lightly with my hands to get rid of flyaways and set the look with Ouai Soft Hair Spray.”

“I’m always blonde so this is different,” says Jordyn. “I’m doing the shoot with brown hair. Normally, I’m really lazy with my hair. I like to wake up and go. It’s normally kinda wavy, a natural wave pattern…[but] when I work with another artist, I want them to feel comfortable and do what they know to do best and I trusted that he wouldn’t steer me wrong. This was my first time working with Larry and I don’t think it’ll be the last.” We feel you. If Larry were to ever lay a hand on our head, we’d let him have free reign too.

Jordyn Woods Half Up Hair by Larry Sims Mane Addicts

“This was our version of Bardot and Barbarella, Jordyn style,” says Larry. “To create it, I parted the top of her hair, using the tips of her eyebrows as my guidelines, into a semi-circle and I added extensions. I made a ponytail and wrapped extensions around it. At the base of it, I wrapped a thick piece of her hair four times to create the height and volume. I secured with open-faced hair pins and used Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray to give it really gorgeous texture and volume. I used my Mason Pearson brush and brushed it out to create a gorgeous finish. I finished it with Ouai Soft Hair Spray.”

Jordyn isn’t one who is afraid to take risks with her hair. “When I was about 15 years old, I let my friends bleach my hair a ton of times and it just all fell off,” she confesses. “It was gradual—I didn’t notice that it was falling out as it was falling out and then it was just all gone. Then I started wearing extensions and weaves and that’s how I was able to grow my hair now. I also shaved the side of my head. I had my friend’s mom do it. I liked it for the first week and then I was like ‘Ahh, what did I do?!’”

Jordyn Woods Half Up Hair by Larry Sims Mane Addicts Natural Hair

Channeling this iconic style, we asked Jordyn who she would trade hair with for a day. “I don’t know who I would trade hair with, but if I could go back in hair time, I really liked the 70’s, super wavy and big.”

Jordyn Woods Side Braid by Larry Sims for Mane Addicts Natural Hair

For this gorgeous side braid, “I used my Mason Pearson brush to back-combed Jordyn’s hair just at her crown to create volume,” explains Larry. “Once the volume was created, I sparingly took sections to smooth it out while keeping the base of the volume. I left out random strands keeping it unfinished organic look. Then I gathered all of her hair to the left shoulder and did a loose fishtail braid and brushed it upwards to give the braid a slept-in texture. I used Got 2b Mess-Merizing Hairspray to lock in the messiness and volume.”

“It’s crazy because I change my hair so often and I just grow to like it—even if I don’t like it that much—I just grow it to appreciate it,” Jordyn says about feeling confident with a new look. “But I’d have to say [I feel fully confident] in the signature blonde with just a little bit of root. As long as it doesn’t look crazy and frizzy, which it does most of the time, then I’m happy.”

Jordyn Woods Smooth Long Dark Hair for Mane Addicts by Larry Sims

Move over Anne Hathaway because Princess Jordyn Woods is about to slay with her diaries. 

To create the look, “I ran a little bit of Ouai Hair Oil over Jordyn’s hair and smoothed out with Mason Pearson brush,” explains Larry. “Then, I created a part over her right eyebrow. Starting at the part, I braided her hair down loosely going all the way around past her hair in a 45-degree angle. From the root all the way around her head, the braid got looser as we went across her head. Both braids met at the back of her head. I secured with pins, brushed down the remaining, loose hair then finished it off with Ouai Soft Hair Spray.””

At the end of the day Jordyn confessed: “I love all the looks! They’re all cohesive, but still very different. It’s cool because Larry can work with all kinds of hair, so we created some really beautiful looks. I think I was just so stunned from the first look, the waves were so perfect!”

So what’s next for the rising starlett?? “Everything’s happening so fast,” she tells us (and we hope it wont be slowing down soon). “I believe all [my career success] happened in the time span of five months! In a year, it could be completely different. I’m just taking each day as it comes and seeing what happens.”



 Muse: Jordyn Woods @jordynwoods

Hair: Larry Sims @larryjarahsims

Photographer: Sasha Samsonova @sashasamsonova

Makeup: Etienne Ortega @etienneortega

Stylist: Rebecca M. Gross @becmgross

Video: Austin Winchell @acewinch

Creative Producer: Ashley Alanis @ashley.alanis

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