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MANE MUSE: Karlie Kloss

We don’t know if we love her more out of Taylor Swift BFF envy or if it’s because of her covetable locks, but it’s safe to say that Karlie Kloss is always a #manemoment ahead of the game. Whether long, short, brunette, blonde, or fashionably avant garde, Kloss’ chameleon like strands epitomize cool girl chic.

Her colorist, Alexis Unno of the Garren Salon in New York admits that when she took Karlie blonde less than a year ago, it was the first time she had colored her hair ever. To emulate her natural hair color from childhood, Unno told Allure Magazine that, “I started by applying very fine highlights through her entire head. This was so it would grow out really cool. If she didn’t want to dye her hair again, it wouldn’t be a problem. I wanted to give her very noncommittal hair color. Then, using a very gentle lightener, I hand-painted the ends of her hair and the pieces around her face. I didn’t want to make her too light; we wanted the color to be similar to the blonde she had as a kid—that’s what we were trying to imitate.”

Karlie trusted Garren, the man she calls “the Godfather of hair” to cut more than seven inches off (starting a short hair frenzy) back in 2012. But, after this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Karlie’s strands are currently riding the med-length wave; and we have to wonder… are these brilliantly placed extensions or is she growing out her signature chop for the long supermodel strands of her early career? Either way, we trust her strands are in the hands of an expert and can’t wait to see what she debutes next.

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