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Mane Muse Karrueche Becomes Queen in this Aaliyah Inspired Spread

Insta-famous Karrueche Tran is literally what we wished we looked like post facetune irl. With a flawless complexion, it’s no surprise the actress/model/everything-in-between has a cult following cosmetic collection with Colour Pop, appropriately titled Kae-Pop, which features consumer friendly colors that are universally flattering on all skin types. While her makeup debut is obviously covered (check!) it was her apt openness to wigs and always turnt tresses, that drew us to her as our June Mane Muse. While Tokyo Stylez is the man behind her peachy Coachella strands and very on trend blonde bob, Castillo is the man behind her mane on the reg. Yes, that Castillo who slayed Ruby Roses‘s mane and totally made baby hairs a thing. So when it came time to creating a concept for this collab, we told Castillo to ‘go for it.’ “I have this obsession with Aaliyah and the movie ‘Queen of the Damned’,” he tells us, “and I couldn’t help but be influenced by her character in the movie.” Naturally, if you’ve seen the movie, Aaliyah’s svelte figure immediately invokes a modern day Karrueche.  “It’s not very often that a hair artist gets a chance to do as one pleases, so I was stoked and very grateful that Karrueche was so open to the idea. When it came to collaborating on each specific look it was very much a situation of ‘less talk more do’.” 

Karrueche Mane Addicts Dreads

A bold departure from her self proclaimed signature style, “parted down the middle and blow-dried straight. It’s the easiest and fastest hairstyle and goes with any look,” she embraced a giant dread crown that sat architecturally on top of her head.

“I used a simple dreading technique with a 1” section of hair,” says Castillo. “Backcombing each section from root to end and coating with Alterna Caviar Hairspray and Amika Perfect Body Whipped Mousse, I twisted each piece then set it with my blow dryer. I then added Bumble and bumble Sumo Wax to the ends for definition. Once the entire head was dreaded, I gathered it all into a top knot, pulling pieces out for depth and undone feels.”

Karrueche Hair Wrapped by Castillo for Mane Addicts 

Literally a nest that sat wrapped around her head, the next look was a conceptual piece that invoked power. To create the look, Castillo used a small crimper and Joico Iron Clad Thermal Protectant Spray to crimp the entire head for texture and playability. He then brushed out the hair and wrapped the hair in a clockwaise position, pinning into place.

Karrueche Hair Wrapped by Castillo for Mane Addicts

As someone who’s definitely not shy from some major hair styling, Karrueche divulged her ultimate R+R routine for her tresses: “I usually soak my hair in Moroccanoil and let it sit overnight. My hair gets very dry and brittle so it keeps it hydrated. I also use lots of masques and deep conditioners.” Brb, going to buy stat.

 Mane Muse Karrueche Gold Crown

Just like Aaliyah’s character Akasha, the queen of all vampires in ‘Queen of the Damned,’ the next look transforms Karrueche into our own kween with a gorgeous embellished crown hair accessory. “Leaving out the fringe section and face framing pieces, I gathered all the hair into an ultra high pony, then fishtailed to the ends before wrapping into a bun,” says Castillo.

  Mane Muse Karrueche Gold Crown

The final look brings our vampy fantasy to life, with an oversized hair piece created by wrapping hair around a wire sphere then adorning with pheasant feathers. No stranger to fun hair pieces,  Karrueche recalls her ultimate hair mishap: “I wanted to do a certain wig for my birthday, but I (as always) was rushing to get out of the door. The wig ended up looking too big and boxy so I literally snatched my wig off right before I walked out the door lol.”

 Karrueche Braid Halo by Castillo 

Girl, we hope you aren’t snatching off any of these styles because Castillo slayed your strands!




Talent: Karrueche Tran @karrueche 

Hair: Castillo @castillo_13

Photographer: Mike Rosenthal @mrmikerosenthal

Makeup: Angel Merino @mac_daddyy

Wardwrobe: Bryon Javar @bryonjavar

Art Direction: Desirae Cherie @desiraecherie

Produced by: Ashley Alanis @ashley.alanis

2 minutes

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