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Exclusive Mane Muse Editorial Featuring Kelly Rowland

If there’s ever a girl whose hair we’ve lusted over, it’s the iconic singer Kelly Rowland. With her ever changing locks, Kelly has dawned a unique array of lengths, textures, and colors with her mane. We’ve seen her both long and short, with and without fringe, blonde, brunette, and even pink! Though Kelly quickly admitted that one of her favorite hair looks on herself is, “short with bangs,” we had something a little different in mind for the day…

When we got celebrity stylist Kim Kimble and celebrity makeup artist Rokael Lizama on board to transform Kelly into four iconic beauties of the past, we knew this would be a Mane Muse shoot to remember.

kelly rowland, diana ross, ponytail, iconic, kim kimble,

“Today we are working with the lovely Kelly Rowland- who is an amazing songstress and artist,” says Kim Kimble as we started the day. “So the inspiration for the looks are other iconic artists, like the first look we did capturing Diana Ross, who back in the 80’s had that big, curly, textured mane. There’s one album cover I had that wasn’t her typical tight curl, it was more like a loose, messy, lion’s mane type of hair so I’m using that as my inspiration.”

Rokael went on to tell us that for the first look “we went for a very smokey eye because Kelly really loved the idea of something dramatic. I used a black eyeliner from MAC called Smoulder. I blended her eye makeup really well and made sure her eye shape was more almond as opposed to round.”

kelly rowland, sade, ponytail, iconic, kim kimble,

“Then the next inspiration was Sade,” says Kim, “so we have two extremes. One tight, pulled back twist, which is a cleaner version, but still a strong statement with the hair. The other version was bigger and more wild. So we have two opposite looks. Kelly is the type of girl that can pull both of those looks off. She can do sleek, or big.”

kelly rowland, sade, ponytail, iconic, kim kimble,

“Pulled back is easy,” says Kim. “You can use something from my product line called Hair Jelly. Just slick the hair back and use some hairspray. Then we add hair to make the pony ultra long by twisting into her own hair.”

Rokael went on to tell us about the makeup for the same look. “We went for a very classic Sade, with a red lip and a ponytail. She tends to wear a lot of orangey-red lipsticks, so I used a shade that I know works well for a lot of different people called Lady Danger by MAC.”

kelly rowland, bianca jagger, ponytail, iconic, kim kimble,

“Kelly’s third look was inspired by Bianca Jagger,” says Rokael, “we went for more of a stained lip and kept the eyes very simple. I used Spice lip liner from MAC and added chapstick right over the top.”

Her hair was set in large rollers, then brushed out, creating a larger bouncier curl. Then gathered in the back and tucked into a faux bob. Paired with a pill box hot, she exudes 70’s class.

kelly rowland, farida khelfa goude, ponytail, iconic, kim kimble,

The last look of the day was inspired by Farida Khelfa Goude, who had the most sculpted long curls. Kelly wore her hair extra long and natural curls were defined with a small curling iron, then separated with product. Her hair was then pinned and tucked around the face to create the illusion of fringe.

Rokael “used a gel eyeliner from Frankie Rose and applied all over the lid. Then I used a blending brush to make it look smooth. Last I used the same lipstick we used for Sade, which was Lady Danger right around the edges.”

Wondering how Kelly’s hair can withstand so many dramatic hair changes? Kelly let us know her favorite beauty secret! “I use a silk scarf! It keeps my hair smooth when I’m sleeping. I also always use a good hair mask.”

When we asked about her hair color (you have to have seen her AMAZING photos from PFW), Kelly told us, “George Papanikolas always colors my hair. I love George! He was actually the first one to take me blonde with my highlights almost a year ago.”

And her favorite look from the day? “Diana Ross!” she exclaimed. Rokael chimed in agreeing, “I love 70’s hair and a big smokey eye.”


Want to know what went on behind the scenes?  Check out the video below and make sure to follow us on YouTube for more #ManeMuse exclusives!

Photographer: Mike Rosenthal @mrmikerosenthal

Videographer: Dave Lang @thedavelang

Hair: Kim Kimble @kimblehaircare

Makeup: Rokael Lizama Rokael Lizama

Wardrobe: Rebecca Jefferson @becjefferson

Manicurist: Mariana Stanciu www.enameldiction.com

Art Director: Desirae Cherie @desiraecherie

Producer: Andrea Berk @aaahndrea

2 minutes

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