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There are very few people who can make international news simply by changing their hair color, and if Kim Kardashian has proven anything over the past year, any move she makes really does break the Internet!


Known for her ever changing locks, Kardashian stunned us all by debuting a chic cut a few weeks back, so we weren’t surprised to see this color and cut chameleon  switch up her look again. This time, she opted for a platinum blonde hue by colorist Lorri Goddard of Goddard + Bragg Salon to accompany her cut by Gregory Russell, just in time for Paris Fashion Week.


Inspired by her long-time makeup artist and friend Joyce Bonelli, many were skeptical of whether or not the color was here to stay, (who can forget last years wig-fake out?). However, Kardashian quickly posted to Instagram to dispel any rumors, expressing her excitement over the platinum shade.

We want to know- what do you think of Kim’s new look?

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