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MANE MUSE: Sabrina Carpenter

Sixteen year old Sabrina Carpenter has a resume more impressive than most grown adults. Not only does she play Maya Hart, the rebellious sidekick on Disney Channel’s ‘Girl Meets World,’ Sabrina also has an amazing set of pipes that are powerful enough to match Adele (have you seen her cover of ‘Hello’?!). As she’s just tipping the surface of her bright and explosive career, we brought her in for a fun and playful Mane Muse shoot to remember.

Mane Addicts Sabrina Carpenter Textured Hair

Ryan Richman, who has coiffed the manes of other young starlets such as Sarah Hyland and Willow Shields, is no stranger to creating an iconic image. With just a few short hours, we set forth to turn Sabrina into the fashion ‘It’ girl we know and love. With a clip-on bang piece and amazing texture, Sabrina had embodied the perfect winter hair upgrade to mimic stat- bangs and waves! “We had a very short amount of time to get a handful of looks done,” says Ryan. “The best way to start a shoot is with amazing texture. Once you have that the possibilities are endless. We started with a very tight wave with a ton of body and texture.”  This would set the foundation for the rest of the looks.

Mane Addicts Sabrina Carpenter

“Sabrina’s hair is second to none and so great to work with. We had initially wanted to do a faux bob as one of the looks but since we were working with jackets and layered clothing we tucked the hair into the clothing to make her hair appear short.” Tucking your hair into your shirt or sweater is one of our favorite looks for winter and will definitely keep you warm. Just check out The Winter Bend and Girl on the Go for tips on making it look ultra chic.

Mane Addicts Sabrina Carpenter

To match her hair with her amazing faux fur jacket, “we add a few colored bobby pins to the fringe area and had our bob in a few quick minutes,” says Ryan.

Mane Addicts Sabrina Carpenter

“We had only met once before this,” Ryan explains “so we were still getting to know each other quite a bit. Sabrina has such a positive outgoing spirit and was really open to just playing around with it.” To get an even more playful look from her previously textured hair, Ryan brushed out her waves and used wind for movement.

Mane Addicts Sabrina Carpenter

Muse: Sabrina Carpenter @sabrinacarpenter

Hair: Ryan Richman @ryanrichmanhair

Photographer: Mike Rosenthal @mrmikerosenthal

Makeup: Torsten Witte @torstenwitte

Wardrobe: Natalie Saidi @nataliesaidi

Art Director: Desirae Cherie @desiraecherie

Producer: Ashley Alanis @ashley.alanis

Story by: Justine Marjan @justinemarjan

2 minutes

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