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MANE MUSE: Spring Editorial with Elisha Cuthbert

If you haven’t seen Ellen Degeneres’ new show, One Big Happy, you haven’t lived. Starring Elisha Cuthbert as a pregnant lesbian, you’re literally laughing out loud from the start.

Elisha is the all American beauty that has us immediately calling our colorist begging to go blonde (she goes to Vanessa Spaeth at Andy Lecompte Salon for her color btw!). So as we inch towards the warmer months, we knew we had to feature the blonde bombshell for our spring editorial.

So with Bridget Brager on hair, Kindra Mann on makeup, and Mike Rosenthal behind the camera, we were ready to make magic happen.

As she set up for the day, makeup artists Kinda Mann admitted that she was looking forward to create her varying looks as “Elisha is super trusting and loves to take risks with her makeup. She’s not afraid to try something new and have fun!”Elisha Cuthert Spring 2015 Mane Addicts Mane Muse Editorial

The first look we approached was the Sultry Siren. With a very on trend mid-length haircut, Elisha was able to show the versatility of the iconic style on a varying hair length.

Hairstylist Bridget Brager prepped her hair with Leonor Greyl Voluforme before setting with a 1 inch curling iron and pinning in place to cool. When the entire head was pinned, she sprayed generously with Elnett hairspray and let cool for 15 minutes before removing the clips and brushing through, back brushing where needed. Bridget then used her fingers to sculpt hair into place, reinforcing with more hairspray.

Makeup artist Kindra Mann complimented the look with “a bold lip” using Firecracker from Tom Ford. “Elisha’s skin is so amazing, she doesn’t need a lot of coverage, so I used Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation.” And that bold brow? Mann raves about Tarte Amazonian Brow Gel, “definitely the best on the market!”

Elisha Cuthert Spring 2015 Mane Addicts Mane Muse Editorial

The second style we approached was It Girl Waves. To transition from her previous structured style, Bridget relaxed the curls by running a flat iron through the hair. When done, she used a T3 blowdryer and Harry Josh round brush to blow dry and smooth hair around her face and at the crown. Bridget suggests using “Bumble and bumble Pret a Powder dry shampoo at the root to soak up oil and add texture, and Kevin Murphy Volumizing Powder as more of a texturizer to rough up the mid shafts and ends.”

To create a more worn in feel with her makeup, Kindra went for a smokier lid, using Kevyn Aucoin Cool Tan/Ruddy Earth eyeshadow, and a fresh peachy lip with Hourglass The Nudes #1 to give her “a smokey hot rocker chick vibe.”

And did you notice her perfect soft nail? Nail artist Ashlie Johnson was inspired by the pink tones of the top she’s wearing, going for a nude color, thoughtfully labeled “intention” from Chanel.

For her final look, we wanted something low key and effortless, so we channeled Elisha’s Romantic side. Opting for a natural chignon only seemed appropriate as Elisha admits this is a look she’s known to wear a variation of on her own.

Elisha Cuthert Spring 2015 Mane Addicts Mane Muse Editorial

Bridget wanted to make sure the look was “airy and flirty” so she prepped her hair by brushing through any previous product with a Bumble and bumble paddle brush, then loosely gathered hair in the back, leaving just a few strands out around the hairline. She gently twisted the hair into a chignon and pinned into place with bobby pins. For the remaining pieces in the front, she used a 1inch iron to curl hair in varying directions, pulling on each section after releasing the iron to create a more natural and relaxed bend. She then used her fingers and hairspray to twist, pull, and pinch hair into place, securing any loose strands with french pins. Bridget appropriately calls this “an effortless look that definitely isn’t effortless!”

Kindra wanted to make sure the look was “romantic and whimsical feeling,” so she used Tom Ford Lavender eyeshadow on the lid and on the lip for an iridescent finish. 

After the shoot, Bridget confesses “working with Elisha is so much fun! She’s high energy, knows herself and is so confident- and when you’re confident, everything looks good on you!”

Hair: Bridget Brager @bridgetbragerhair

Makeup: Kindra Mann @kmannmakeup

Stylist: Anita Patrickson @anitapatrickson

Nails: Ashlie Johnson @ashlie_johnson

Photographer: Mike Rosenthal @mrmikerosenthal

Producer: Andrea Berk

2 minutes

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