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MANE MUSE: Tinashe Shows Off Dramatic Length, Blunt Bangs, and a Blonde Bob

Tinashe Blunt Bangs Long Hair by Larry Sims

It was less than two years ago that Tinashe’s single, ‘2 On’ from her debut album hit #1 on the billboard charts and the mega starlet is just getting started. With a killer voice and jaw dropping dance skills, this muse was already turning heads before we saw her mega mane. As a girl with naturally curly hair, it can be hard for the singer to wear her hair any other way as, “I do so much dancing and sweating,” she tells us. “If I wore it straight it would just curl up.” So naturally, if you’d seen her out, chances are her hair was worn in its signature style: “long with a middle part. I keep it simple,” she tell us. So of course, we had to give her something new and enticing, and Mane Master Larry Sims was just the man[e] to get the job done.


Tinashe Blunt Bangs Long Hair by Larry Sims

“We did a really amazing, super bone-straight Chinese bang with long extensions,” explains Larry. “I sprayed Got2b Guardian Angel Gloss Finish Flat Iron Balm on section by section to make her hair really straight, sleek and silky. The good thing about that product is it protects hair from heat so it was great for the duration of the shoot in terms of using styling tools on her hair. Tinashe’s natural hair is really long, so starting at the nape of her hair, I’d flat iron a small section of her hair and then I would add… clip-in [extensions] in between each layer of her hair and I would flat iron the hair clip extension to blend in with her hair.

“I finished the look off with a dime-size of Smooth N Shine Instant Repair Hair Polish, sparingly ran my fingers through to smooth flyaways. Once we got on set, to give it tousled texture, I sprayed OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray mid hair down for a tousled, modern finish. Threw some wind on it, added some movement to it and there it was.”


Tinashe Blonde Lob Dark Root

The natural brunette was most fond of this look as, “it was such a different look than I have ever done in the past,” she says. “I have never worn short hair before, nor have I worn a wig, so it was pretty fun.”

“To switch from the bang look, I took her natural hair, wrapped it around her head and secured with a wig cap,” says Larry. “From there, I used a gorgeous blonde and brown lace human wig and glued the wig down to front of her hair line using spirit gum glue. Once secured, I round-brushed the wig for tons of volume. I set it on a large barrel curling iron starting at nape of neck moving to top of head, leaving a side part. After I curled the hair all in the same under direction, I used my blowdryer to break up the set to give it a really sexy, slept-in texture. Again, I sprayed OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray. I used a large tooth comb and I back combed the crown of it to give it a little of height and sexiness.”

Tinashe Blonde Lob


Tinashe Super Long High Ponytail

“I used Smooth N Shine’s Polishing Olive and Tea Tree Revivoil Edge Smoothing Pomade to snatch her up into a really tight, high ponytail. It gave it great hold, shine and a really beautiful finish. Then, I took a super long, I think it was a 32-inch hair extension, and wrapped it around human hair extensions and wrapped it around the base of Tinashe’s natural ponytail. I secured the 32 inches of hair extensions with open-faced bobby pins and wrapped it around the base of the ponytail with the hair that was left out. Then, mid strand down, I took another portion of the hair and wrapped it around the ponytail, leaving the rest of it down and frayed. I used a Mason Pearson Brush and backcombed it a little so it could have more volume and texture, threw a bit of wind on it and there lived that 32-inch ponytail!”

Tinashe Super Long High Ponytail

Muse: Tinashe @tinashenow 

Hair: Larry Sims @larryjarahsims 

Photographer: Dennis Leupold @dennisleupold

Makeup: Todd Delano

Stylist: Allan Troy @allantroy_

Art Direction: Desirae Cherie @desireacherie

Produced by: Ashley Alanis @ashley.alanis

2 minutes

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