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It’s no surprise that a festival hosting almost 600k music lovers would be a mecca of manes to pine over. And in this land of artwork and expression lay the hairdo’s that keep our desert hearts wanting more. Here are 5 singers on the Coachella 2015 lineup who have caught our attention with their major mane moments.



The ethereal trip hop songstress curbs our wants in the creative department with signature baby hairs and uncommon styles.

Can be seen: Saturday April 11th and 17th



A mane to match the personality… and the voice!  Fun, upbeat, with retro references that will have you asking us for a how-to in no time!

Can be seen: Friday April 10th and 17th



P.G. Wodehouse once said “red hair, sir, in my opinion, is dangerous.”  If by dangerous he meant contains a voice so deeply haunting with vibrant red locks that balance in richness… we’re pretty he was talking about (the voice of Rilo Kiley) Jenny Lewis.

Can be seen: April 12th and 19th




Hailing from the 212 Miss Banks (aka Yung Rapunxel) is the epitome of mermaid-esque #longhairdontcare.  Add in her sharp tongue, descriptive flow, and dirty transitional beats… yup… one mane muse we won’t be missing!

Can be seen: Friday April 10th and 17th




The queen of festival remix anthems “we we follow we follow” Lykke Li down every musical melody our beach waved hair can freely dance to.

Can be seen: Friday April 10th and 17th


Is there a Coachella mane your dying to see? Let us know in the comments!

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