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MANE UNIVERSITY: 2016 Class Calendar

Mane U post

Mane University is BACK and we’re bringing the best of hair and beauty education to your hometown! Don’t see your city on the list? Have no fear! Stay tuned, follow @maneuniversity on Instagram, and keep checking maneaddicts.com as we announce even more exciting events for 2016!

Haven’t had a chance to attend Mane University yet? Here’s a sneak peek to see what you’re missing…


Sunday, Feb 28 // Aura Friedman & Daniel Moon // Color // LA


Sunday, April 3 // Harry Josh & Chris Appleton // Styling // NYC (Tickets On Sale Now!)

Sunday, April 10 // Priscilla Valles & Sarah Conner // Extensions // Chicago (Tickets On Sale Now!)


MORE COMING SOON! Be sure to check in regularly for updates!

Please bear in mind that until tickets are on sale, all dates are tentative and not guaranteed.


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