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In our quest to bring the highest caliber of hair and beauty education on tour to your hometown, we teamed up with none other than celebrity colorist to the stars, Tracey Cunningham! From NY to LA and everywhere in between, Tracey has been bringing her stellar expertise on the road with Mane University, and her latest class in Dallas was no exception! Tracey Cunningham Mane University Dallas Tracey juggles running the upscale Meche Salon in Beverly Hills and traveling around the globe to bring gorgeous, glam hues to her A-list clientele, all while finding the time to sit down with aspiring artists to share her experiences as a successful businesswoman and divulge how she rose to become one of the most highly sought-after colorists in the world.

Last weekend in TX, Tracey demonstrated some of her classic skills to help teach our students how to achieve beautiful, effortless-looking color by showing them how to break the base, perfect the art of babylights, and the secret to her smudging technique. This ever-inspiring Mane Master also spilled the beans on her top-secret formulations for recreating the color transformations that made her famous; J.Lo’s multidimensional sun-kissed shade, Emma Stone’s rich, vibrant red, and Lily Aldridge’s enviable golden highlights, to name a few. Dallas Day 1 was a celebration of beautiful blondes, while our second session on Day 2 kicked off with a smattering of radiant redheads! Aided by the amazing Redken product line and the sensational new Olaplex system, the most inspirational part of Tracey’s method is how she emphasizes the importance of expressing your own personal style when it comes to executing her signature color techniques. Tracey Cunningham Mane University Dallas A champion of accomplishing quick color, Tracey ripped straight through her 6 models each day and started pulling her students onto the stage to perform color corrections, gloss, and even some balayage on our unsuspecting attendees! As a surprise for our guests, Mane Master Lisa Weller, a hairstylist from San Antonio who works closely with legendary hair icon Guido Palau, stopped by to complete the models’ exciting, new looks and gave everyone a crash course on fresh styling and effortless waves. The Salon Professional Academy’s gorgeous facility, made even more beautiful thanks to our floral arrangements provided by The Bouqs Co, was the perfect home for our two-day celebration of hair and beauty. Their warm, accommodating staff is the definition of southern hospitality. Locals interested in beginning their beauty education can check them out here! Tracey Cunningham Mane University Dallas

Mane University Dallas was a smash success! Our students couldn’t wait to get home and put their newfound skills into practice, not to mention try out the amazing Ra_ Bar Beauty hair oil packed into every goodie bag!!!!

We can’t wait to meet you all at Tracey’s next class in NYC on November 15th!


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