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MANE UNIVERSITY: What Happens When Chrissy Teigen Gets Extensions

Mane University Extensions Last Sunday, upon arrival at the gorgeous Spoke & Weal Salon on 3rd street, guests were greeted with mimosas, mini pastries, and a crash course on everything extensions with Mane Masters Priscilla Valles and Sarah Conner!

You may not know it, but when you flip on Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Beverly Hills 90210, you’re actually admiring Sarah’s top-quality work with custom-colored, taped and hand-sewn weft extensions! Outside of class, you can find this accomplished LA stylist at the upscale Meche Salon in Beverly Hills. Likewise, Priscilla has been in the industry for over fifteen years with an impressive A-list clientele including Christina Aguilera, Kylie Jenner, and supermodel Chrissy Teigen, who served as our special guest, and brought her vivacious personality and passion for all things beauty to our Mane University event! Mane University Extensions From Priscilla’s dramatic, raven-haired transformation with a full head of long, luscious individuals, to Sarah’s beautiful blonde makeover with handsewn wefts, these expert extensionistas shared their insight on working at the forefront of gentle extension methods that protect the quality of the stylist’s work and the integrity and health of the clients’ precious mane! Mane University Extensions Spoke & Weal’s chic, modern, and industrial space was the ideal setting for our afternoon of beauty education, and the salon was complemented perfectly by our exuberant and fun, hot pink Mane Addicts balloons provided by none other than Northstar Balloons! During our brief intermission, Le Pain Quotidien’s delicious and divine catering kept our guests entertained before we resumed for our final hours of class. Mane University Extensions Priscilla and Sarah finished strong with an exciting beauty Q&A with Chrissy, while Priscilla demonstrated her tried-and-true application system as well as her cutting and blending techniques on Chrissy’s most enviable mane. After having demonstrated the tape-in method and covering just about every important topic and tips on sectioning, placement, upkeep over time and the removal process, these mane experts proved why they’re truly the best in the biz. Mane University Extensions To assist our attendees in creating the ultimate transformational tresses, our Mane Addicts tote bags were filled to the brim with goodies our guests could enjoy, including an all-natural antioxidant mask by Australian-based beauty brand, Bambi & Sammi, Ra_ Bar Beauty’s miracle, moisturizing hair oil, Viviscal’s extremely potent hair growth supplement, and some serious sparkles, Hair Charmsies and Beautibox Hair Wraps! Much to the surprise of our students, as we handed them their extension certificates for completing the course, we also sent them home with their very own travel-size Sheila Stotts Brush, so they could put their newfound skills into practice with the best in industry-approved tools of the trade! Mane University Extensions For all of our budding expert extensionists on the go, be sure to check out our latest collaboration with one of our favorite 100% human hair manufacturers, Rapunzel of Sweden! With three varieties of custom hair extension organizers, these life-changing extension bags are a must-have for any up-and-coming extensionista!!

Our first-ever extension class was a huge hit, and we can’t wait to do it again! Thank you to Priscilla, Sarah, Chrissy, all of our amazing sponsors, and most importantly, our students for making this magical day a success!


For those of you itching for more, read up on Extensions 101 with our resident expert Priscilla,

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