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MANE UNIVERSITY: Everything Extensions with Priscilla Valles & Sarah Conner

mane university chicago

Taking Chicago’s super chic Dreamdry Salon by storm, Mane Masters Priscilla Valles and Sarah Conner demonstrated just how they’ve earned their reputations for being the best in the biz when it comes to the art of adding length.

mane university chicago

Having worked with everyone from OG celebs like Christina Aguilera to Hollywood’s fave millennials, Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez, Priscilla is serious when it comes to her flawlessly precise application system.

Priscilla Valles at Mane University Chicago

Even if you missed our last extension class in LA, we bet you heard supermodel Chrissy Teigen graced our stage as Priscilla’s model. So we simply couldn’t host their next class without inviting an equally incredible guest. The beautiful Melissa Gorga of Real Housewives of New Jersey fame joined us in Chi-town for a voluminous hair transformation!

Priscilla Valles and Melissa Gorga at Mane University Chicago

One of the many pro tips students took home from Priscilla last weekend, is that consultation and color matching is key when it comes to creating a custom transformational look. Ever the expert, she used an astounding amount of shades on Melissa (5 to be exact!). Melissa’s gorgeous new ‘do reminds us you don’t need an uber long Playboy bunny mane to take your look to the next level.

Mane University Chicago Sarah Conner

Meanwhile, if you’ve been following Sarah on her wildly popular blog, On Colour Ground, then you know ALL about her amazing work with color and extensions. Hailing from the upscale Meche Salon in Beverly Hills, Sarah spent our Sunday seminar demonstrating her artistry with tape-in extensions (she’s a certified Hair Lingerie specialist!) AND her finesse for stitching as she showed off one of her specialties; the handsewn weft.

Mane University Chicago Sarah Conner

The students were in sheer awe watching Sarah as she worked, explaining how risky it can be to bleach extensions and her way to combat this by custom-coloring the hair to give it the natural “root” it needs.

Mane University Chicago Sarah Conner

Our aspiring stylists took home some major manespiration and invaluable industry insight to help them launch their careers to that next level. And to sweeten the deal, our gift bags were stocked with Viviscal Professional, Rapunzel’s miracle vitamin, and some seriously awesome extension after-care kits courtesy of Beauty Works.

Mane University Chicago Viviscal

Covering everything from sectioning, placement, upkeep over time, and the removal process, our second crash course on all things extensions with Priscilla and Sarah was such a smash success! So now we ask you Mane Addicts, where should we take these Mane Masters to next?!

Mane University Chicago Priscilla Valles and Melissa Gorga

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