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MANE UNIVERSITY: Multichromatic Color with Aura Friedman & Danny Moon

Mane University Aura Friedman & Danny Moon

1 class, 2 mane masters, 8 stunning handpainted models. Our multichromatic color class hosted by two of the most talented and innovative artists in the industry was not so much about hair as it was a celebration of custom-color masterpieces!!!

Our most electrifying event yet, Mane University’s first fantasy color workshop featured Mane Masters Aura Friedman and Danny Moon, and they demonstrated a variety of their signature techniques like creating dreamy watercolor pastels, radiant gradations of peachy pinks and a desert sunset, psychedelic neon tones, and multidimensional handpainting that set our hearts aflutter!!!

For Aura and Danny, it’s all about customizing your art to flatter the essence of your client. For these innovators, no two manes will ever be created the same! Covering everything from their favorite brands of bleach to their top-secret color formulations, the experts even shared how they convince a cautious client to experiment with more vibrant tones…that is, until they inevitably catch the color bug!

Danny Moon Quote

Our home away from home, Spoke & Weal Salon, provided the perfect setting for our extraordinarily inspiring seminar, and our squad was going strong! Never one to miss an MU event, everyone’s favorite Mane Master and colorist to the stars, Tracey Cunningham crashed our class to see just what we were up to!

The incredible Sal Salcedo of Ramirez-Tran and our very own MA Art Director Desirae Cherie flaunted their exceptional styling skills as they put the finishing touches on our models’ jaw-dropping transformations. Our girls got all glammed up thanks to Blair Charlie, who made our models’ makeovers complete!

With an informative presentation provided by Viviscal Professional, our students also took home invaluable insight on how to ensure regrowth and protect their clients’ manes when all that bleach and double-processing gets the best of you.

Aura Friedman Quote

Aura stressed the importance of maintaining a certain taste level when creating artful color, and she shared her skill for adding shadows and depth to enhance every haircut while layering tones to create her trademark multidimensional effect.

For the grand finale, Danny demonstrated his infamous experiments with neon color. Our students gathered around silently in the dark salon, entranced by the black lights as Major Moon worked his magic.

Danny Moon with Models

Whether it’s taking inspiration from nature (Aura’s a sucker for a good succulent), or creating that one subtle peek-a-boo of color to make a client feel truly special, to sneak behind the curtain and spend an afternoon seeing such impassioned artists in their element was more than enough manespiration to last a lifetime. The masters only have one rule: make beautiful art and do what moves you!

Our first-ever fantasy color class was a smash success! What city should we take them to next?!?

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