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Mane University Jen Adir Mark

What happens when you get two of the world’s most sought-after, hardworking, and passionate celebrity hairstylists together to teach a master class? Shear manespiration!!! Last Sunday, December 13th, Mane Masters Jen Atkin and Adir Abergel inspired over one hundred students and stylists at Smudge Studios in LA by spilling the secrets to their success and sharing their top tips, tricks, and must-have product picks for perfecting their signature techniques.

Adir Abergel Mane University

The dynamic duo behind the manes of the Kardashian klan, Jessica Alba, Reese Witherspoon, and Kristin Stewart (to name a few) took the stage together by storm, feeding off each other’s creative energy and tag-teaming over six different hairstyles from retro curls and lived-in waves to impromptu haircuts!

Jen Atkin Mane University

Though mimosas and Mane University donuts greeted the guests as they arrived, the most major treat for our students was when Mane Master Mark Townsend surprised the class by assisting Jen on stage, then casually demonstrating a gorgeous braided updo for the audience.

Sipping on Smart Water and Runa, with the exception of those munching on yummy Bark Thins, you could hear a pin drop in the studio as the aspiring stylists were busy taking notes and soaking up all that knowledge!

Mark Townsend Mane University

Not to mention our girl gang was in FULL attendance! Celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham and our friends at Meche Salon along with the 901 Salon squad made for a special day shared with students and colleagues alike.

Updo by Mark Townsend

Our motivational and magical afternoon would not be complete without our incredible sponsors, Color Wow, MarulaOil, Olivia Garden, Paul Mitchell Neuro Hair Tools, StyleSeat, Beautibox, and Viviscal Professional, who demonstrated their fabulous products and sent them home with each student in their Mane Addicts totebags!

With our trademark hot pink balloons (provided by Northstar Balloons) filling the stage front and center, the air was filled with energetic and inspiring vibes as Jen and Adir shared their experiences in the industry and behind the chair, as well as how to find the balance in life so you can take your shot at having it all.

Adir Abergel Mane University

Missed out on all the Mane University magic?

Stay tuned and keep checking maneaddicts.com until we announce our class calendar for 2016!

Photos by Desirae Cherie

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