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Calling all professional #TrackQueens  Beauty Works Hair Extensions is presenting Mane University LA taught by Mane Masters Jen Atkin and Sarah Conner. You’ll learn how to perfect their signature hairstyles AND their trademark extension techniques for achieving a flawless look every time.

As if JA x SC in LA isn’t fab enough – for the first time EVER, Mane U is giving 20 professional stylists the chance to win an absolutely priceless education. The only way to get in the class is by invitation or by winning a ticket through Mane Addicts.

To enter for a chance to win, simply email: [email protected] with the following info: YOUR NAME, AREA OF EXPERTISE, AND WHY YOU WANT TO ATTEND!

But act fast! The class is November 10th and the deadline to submit is Friday November 4th at 12:00 PM PST! We’ll select winners EOD Friday 11/4/2016. Please note this is in LA and travel is not included.

We’ll notify the winner via email, so keep an eye out!



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