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Red Carpet to Editorial Class Recap with Jen Atkin & Chris Appleton

Mane University London

One beautiful salon, two inspiring Mane Masters, and six sophisticated hairstyles made for an absolutely PRICELESS educational event last weekend in London! Mane University headed across the pond to the UK for the first stop on our summer tour in our quest to bring the best hair knowledge in the biz around the globe!Mane University London Jen Atkin & Chris Appleton

Our styling session covered everything from Jen Atkin’s signature effortless waves and the tousled and textured model-off duty high pony, to Chris Appleton’s edgy embellished braids and a stunning editorial updo complete with a perfect white orchid (Have you seen the mane magic he’s been creating with Xtina lately?!)

Mane University London DryBy Studio

The gorgeous DryBy Blow Dry Bar & Nail Art Studio on Mortimer Street was the perfect setting for an afternoon of inspiring demo’s, the power of social media, and a passionate and in-depth conversation about the hair industry at large.

Mane University London Chris Appleton with Lottie Tomlinson & Lou Teasdale

Our stunning models included makeup artist and influencer Lottie Tomlinson, One Direction’s go-to hairstylist Lou Teasdale, and blogger Em Ford of My Pale Skin, and believe us when we say their strands were styled so perfectly, we insisted they have a night out on the town to show off their ahh-mazing new hairstyles.

Mane University London BeautyWorks Extensions

Feeling hair envy? Don’t be fooled by our models’ extra long A-list manes, the extension enhancements used at our intensive hair seminar were courtesy of the Jen Atkin Collection by BeautyWorks. The added length really accentuated the ultra-glam hairstyles, so stop singing the short hair blues and nab yours here!

Mane University London Jen Atkin

A final Pro Tip for all our aspiring artists out there, don’t forget to take advantage of all the opportunities available to you (think outside the salon!). If you’re client book is feeling a bit bare, why not check out our friends at The Glam App?! Their tech-savvy, beauty on demand mentality is a great way to effortlessly build your clientele. And for all our hair enthusiasts out there, The Glam App is easily our first choice for a hassle-free blowout at home 😉

Mane University London

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